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Hillary or Elizabeth?

8) And she doesn’t want to run. A candidate who doesn’t engage fully in the campaign would be a disaster.

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The Five Happiest Countries in the World

Every one of the five is a social democracy with a strong safety net. The four European countries are also known for their leadership in reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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Why are we STILL Beating Our Children?

But never mind all that. What really appalls me is the number of people responding on both Facebook and Marketwatch advocating variations on beating the crap out of the ungrateful kid. And one thing I don’t question is that the reader comments are genuine.

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If Kitty Litter Can Cause a Nuclear Waste Explosion, Shouldn’t We Shut the Industry Down?

BUT the whole problem with the nuclear industry is that it relies on a world where human error doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, human error happens constantly. Exploding kitty litter is the least of it.

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