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Passenger Rail, Si! Nuclear Power, No!

The forces that created these two events were very different: government efforts for the train, a combination of citizen activism and market conditions for the shutdown. But several common threads across the wider map of society show that these victories are actually linked.

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My First Political Act, as a 3-Year-Old: Nonsmokers’ Rights

The very first bit of activism that I can remember engaging in, at age THREE (yes really), was taking cigarettes off the coffee table and breaking them in half…It wasn’t out of malice but out of a very clear sense of self-protection. From there came a lifetime of social and environmental activism.

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Getting Along with your Opponents

Yes, like every other country, the US has its share of boorish, know-nothing, blinders-on bigots…However, the US also has millions of people who care deeply about the world, actively work to learn more about it, and engage in citizenship in a deep and true way (as do most other countries).

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Why I DON’T Support “Draft Warren”

If GOP lawmakers had been hearing from thousands of their constituents daily about a set of chosen issues (maybe two or three at a time), they’d have crumbled, and Obama would have been seen as one of the most effective Presidents ever. But Obama and the Democrats threw that rare chance overboard

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Yes, We Fight the Same Battle Once Again—But I Have Hope

I also avoid burnout by regularly thinking about all the areas where we HAVE made progress…I look around and I see that within the brief span of my own lifetime (I turn 58 on Wednesday), we’ve made very real change on many fronts, even if it feels like we’re running in place or even backsliding.

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Bush’s and Obama’s Legacies: What’s Your Perspective?

I spent two weeks afterward trying to find out if my ex-housemate from Brooklyn days was OK… BUT Bush made war on Iraq, which had absolutely nothing to do with [9/11]… It was totally predictable that this would only create instability, blow away our foreign allies, and provide lots of recruitment material for terrorists.

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