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The Troubling Case of the Northampton BID

I support the good work that the BID performed. But I do not support a process that’s tantamount to bullying, don’t support a double standard for BID supporters and opponents, and think it’s completely immoral to bring the organization in as a voluntary effort and then change the rules.

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Branding on Both Sides of the Obama Bed

But I do wonder—and here’s the big heresy:

Would President Barack Obama have had an easier time pushing an agenda of “change” if he had dressed the part?

If, starting on the campaign trail in 2007, he had emphasized Michelle Obama’s three wardrobe attributes of boldness, elegance, and surprise, would he have been better able to marshall support for his initiatives? Is the conformist wardrobe secretly saying “I’m not serious about change”?

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Does Making Decisions Lower Our Math Skills?

Leaving aside the flaw in the Obama example—he’s often photographed wearing something other than a suit—let’s look at a deeper argument within the article: Petrone’s claim, based on an L.A. Times article quoting two different experts on decision making, that making lots of decisions can lower math skills:

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Can the Cynical Profit Motive be a Force for Social Change?

On a LinkedIn discussion board, someone asked, “So, why has bettering the world become a mantra for a new generation of entrepreneurs?” This sparked a very lively discussion, mixing the cynics and the optimists. You can view this discussion here

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