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Milton Friedman was Quoted Out of Context: My Argument with Libertarians

In this essay, Friedman was totally willing to concede that self-rule doesn’t always work in the business world. Government is needed to keep business from exercising its self-interest at the expense of others’ self-interest and the wide society’s interest.

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Spammers: Enough, Already!

Attention spammers: if you think I will *ever* do business with someone who not only forces unwanted (and often-deceptive) intrusions on me, but actually forges my name to the attempt, you are sorely mistaken.

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Consumers Reward Green Businesses—Now, More than Ever

Consumers flock to companies that actively support companies with a clear environmental agenda…67 percent would like to make purchasing decisions based on social responsibility…

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Dear Climate Change Deniers: How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

Maybe my family’s organic garden (and my neighborhood) is a microcosm of the changes in the world ;-). We normally stop getting zucchini by the end of July. Last year, it went halfway through August. And this year, the one

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