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Worst. Contact Page. Ever: Hyperion Books

Dear Hyperion Books: All I wanted to do was to send you a review copy request so I could review “Stirring It Up” by Stonyfield Farm founder Gary Hirshberg. I review books on socially and environmentally conscious business. I went

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$107 Billion: Bank of America’s Full Cost of Toxic Mortgage Policies

And let’s not forget the legal bill, now around $70 billion, not to mention the possibility of criminal prosecutions.

In short, Countrywide’s disgusting practices have now cost Bank of America over $107 billion: more than 50 times the acquisition price.

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Score One For Farmers

A court ordered a utility company to buy the organic grass-fed cattle farm it ruined by driving a powerline through it.

Hmmm. Maybe this strategy can be applied…by organic farmers suffering the double indignity of losing their organic status and…

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Make Workers More Comfy, and Save a Bundle on Energy

Offices: too hot, too cold, and no Goldilocks to find the happy middle ground of “this one is just right.” How can you find that happy medium that accommodates the woman in a sleeveless sundress ?and? the man in the

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