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Happy Buy Nothing Day

There’s an alternative celebration on the day after US Thanksgiving that resonates more with me: Buy Nothing Day: 24 hours without any purchasing activity. I can’t always do it; sometimes the gas tank is empty or I’m flying home from Thanksgiving in another part of the country. But this year, I see no reason to spend any money today.

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Rep. Alan Grayson: Let’s Celebrate This Victory

If a black person was told an apartment had already been rented, my white Jewish mom was one of the people who would go and try to rent it afterwards. That family history made it easier for me to take on a long list of causes–even organizing the movement that saved a threatened mountain while all the “experts” said “this is terrible, but there’s nothing we can do.”

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Name Change Shows the Tide has Turned

Now, huge amount of acreage have been protected, both in Northampton and all surrounding communities; Hadley, the neighboring town where I currently live, has preserved thousands of acres. And the City of Northampton has openly changed the mission of the planning department to embrace sustainability.

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Trying to Keep Track of the Community Economics Movement?

Buying local. Worker co-ops. Neighborhood resiliency. Community control. Does it feel overwhelming trying to track and sort out all of these community economy movements and buzzwords? Writer Laura Flanders, Yes Magazine, and GritTV have collaborated to make it easier for

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