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A Locavore Harvest of Joy

Growing up in New York City apartment buildings in the 1960s and 70s, the “fresh” vegetables we ate were trucked from California and had been sitting for weeks and most of our my friends ate their veggies out of cans. So the way I eat is a radical departure from the way I ate as a child.

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Victory at Vermont Yankee!

Although continued operation past the original license expiration date has been illegal under the plant’s agreement with the state of Vermont, the federal government has allowed the plant to keep operating, and even renewed the license for another 20 years.

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A Bicultural Look at “No Impact Man,” Part 3

From the lens of a NYC native living in the country, sustainability expert Shel Horowitz loks at the Colin Beavan’s choices in New York, and his own choices in a Western Massachusetts farm cmmunity.

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A Bicultural Look at “No Impact Man,” Part 2

With the personal history I described in Part 1, our viewing of “No Impact Man” reflects both our urban past and our rural present: two very different worlds. Although we were never hyperconsumerist like Michelle, we certainly absorbed the message of

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A Bicultural Look at “No Impact Man,” Part 1

For many years, we’ve called ourselves “bicultural.” We can still function well in the fast-paced, loud, crowded setting of New York. But after 32 years in the Pioneer Valley, we’re actually more at home with our country neighbors—talking about our gardens, hiking the hills, and sharing an ethic that values the land.

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The Marketing of an Immigration Experience

Marketing by forming communities is certainly nothing new. Companies like Harley-Davidson and Apple have built their whole brands around it. It’s part of why social media marketing has taken off. It’s part of why smart marketers often stage events. But rarely does a whole country say, “we’re so glad to have you as part of our community.”

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Why Marketers and Activists NEED to REPEL Some People

Seabrook did go online, so we failed in our immediate goal. BUT… the opposition of Thomson and Loeb to our movement helped make it a mass movement, just as the overreaction against civil rights and anti-Vietnam War protestors helped those movements gain strength.

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Copywriters Write Great Complaint Letters

Guest post by John Forde [Note from Shel: I agree with Jack on this. In my 30+ years in business, I’ve been asked to write many complaint letters—and my track record in getting results for my clients and for myself

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