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27,000 Times the Radiation Limit—In Your Water

But in case of a nuclear accident, that standard goes out the window (or perhaps I should say, out the cooling tower), with the recent adoption by the Environmental Protection Agency of a Bush-era backdoor plan for nuclear accident response.

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Idiot Politician of the Year?

Kansas State Representative Dennis Hedke is definitely in the running for Idiot Politician of the Year. This clown has introduced HR 2366, a bill that would prevent public funds from being used “either directly or indirectly, to promote, support, mandate,

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Supernuclear Japan Doing Fine Without Nukes

Now, Japan’s utilities are predicting a surplus of electricity even during the summer crunch. Yippee!
And this means the whole world really can learn to live more lightly with the same standard of living, replacing environmentally disastrous coal and fossil-fuel plants with conservation and renewables.

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GW Bush Had 13 Benghazis—Where Were the Critics?

Yet somehow, those who have been vilifying Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice over this were strangely silent. No outrage from the likes of Lindsay Graham and John McCain when a Republican, even an unelected one, was at the reins.

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Green Festival NYC 2013: Raw Notes

I’d originally thought I’d be working these notes into an article. But two weeks after the event, I have to face the reality that I have more pressing priorities. So let me share the raw, unedited notes from the Green

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