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Walmart Walks Its Sustainability Talk, and Profits Handsomely

If ever there was a profit-driven, bottom-line-focused corporation, it’s
Walmart—not exactly a “tree hugger” company. Yet, Walmart’s bottom-line-driven approach to sustainability creates hundreds of millions in new product revenues.

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Climate Change is More than an Environmental Issue

We can gain converts to the clause of reversing catastrophic climate change on several grounds:

Environmental preservation
And probably others. In all of it, we need to focus on the direct benefits to the people we’re talking about, who may not be committed greens.

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Twitter’s “Protect Tweets” Offer is Just Plain Dumb

After almost five years on Twitter, I still don’t understand why people would want to do this, and why Twitter actively encourages new users to protect their Tweets. It’s not any kind of security feature. All it does is make your tweets invisible unless someone’s following you. And why would anyone follow you if they can’t see what you’re posting and decide if you’re worth their time?

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Shame on the US Senate!

We, the people, have the right to walk down the street or go to school or shopping mall without some lunatic coming after us with an assault rifle. Let’s invoke the spirit of our wise revolutionaries from 200 years ago and say no to corporate intersts and their government bootblacks that trample on our rights.

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Responding to the Violence in Boston

We explained to our young kids (now 20 and 25) why we were bringing them to protest various wars and injustices and environmental atrocities, and to talk of the importance of NOT accepting evil, that we could always do SOMETHING and whether it worked or not was less important than that we did not turn a blind eye.

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My Message from the 1960s

Back when I was a teenager protesting the Vietnam War, we had a president named Richard Nixon. We thought he was pretty conservative—but his record is to the left of Barack Obama.

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“Fabulous” vs. “Dogma”: Blasphemy is in the Eye of the Beholder

Of course, the vast majority of those who protest this play wherever it is performed have never seen or read it. As ignorant as the small minority of know-nothings within Islam who we rightly decry for smashing ancient Buddhist statues, they blindly follow the pronouncements of some leader who tells them what to think.

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