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Is This Our Best Food Self-Sufficiency Resource?

New York has an enormous supply of flat roofs, many of which have terrific sun exposure.

So it gladdens my heart to see a project like this: utilizing flat roof space for year-round greenhouses in a long-depressed South Bronx neighborhood. On the roof of a public housing project designed to be green, in fact.

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The Quickest Way to Turn Business Truly Green

If every organization had to incorporate true costs over the entire lifecycle, including environmental degradation, resource depletion, and disposal of waste at the end of the cycle, our economy would turn toward deep sustainability in a very short time—maybe even just a year or two.

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What Boundaries Do You Set on Social Media?

I posted the following on a LinkedIn discussion list called “Step Into the Spotlight, ” regarding the appropriateness of the new LinkedIn endorsement tool, and whether to endorse back. The consensus, which I agree with, is not to endorse people

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Let’s Make Obama Keep his Environmental Promises

Last night’s State of the Union address laid out a strong progressive agenda, including a green jobs program. It’s not new for President Obama to say the right things, but he tends to back down when it’s time to follow

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Head of Nestlé Understands Water Scarcity. Do You?

direct human consumption is the smallest portion of water consumed by humans—just 1.5 percent. The energy and agriculture sectors use far more (and he didn’t even discuss industry in general). He is particularly troubled by “unconventional oil” (such as tar sands), which he says consumes up to 6 liters of water for every liter of fuel, compared with just a tenth of a liter to produce a liter of oil conventionally.

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China is Now Producing 10 Times as Much Solar as the US!

In the 1990s, the US had a 40 percent share of the world-wide solar market. According to widely respected sustainability consultant Gil Friend of Natural Logic (@gfriend), the current US share of the global solar market is a pathetic 5

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Did I Really Say THIS to a Spammer?

There was a note on my contact form today that I was 98% sure was junk mail…but it touted a legitimate product (NOT sex, drugs, or casinos), was hand-posted to my contact form, and had a gmail address—so in case

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Superbowl Power Blackout: How Brands Seized the Opportunity

Several big, big brands were able to think and act like nimble small businesses and seize the moment when the Superbowl went dark yesterday:

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