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One More Nuclear Domino Falls: Quebec

Vermont Yankee has been operating illegally since March 2012, and immorally and unsafely since Vermont Yankee first opened in the 1970s.

Sooner or later, as a society, we will figure out that not only don’t we need nuclear, but relying on nuclear power poses huge risks—not just the catastrophic failures like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima, but in routine operation.

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Fixing the Broken Food System

Recognizing that we can grow great food in adequate quantities without chemicals, genetic modification (GMO), irradiation, or monocropping

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One More Reason to Love Newark NJ Mayor Cory Booker

Not many politicians, even progressive ones with a strong sustainability commitment, would try to live on today’s food stamp budget. Hats off to Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker for this bold step–showing his colleagues what it’s actually like to

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Resources for Grieving Children

Six resources from major organizations like the National Association of School Psychologists and American Academy of Pediatrics to help children deal with grief.

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After Newtown: The Best Voices

Do you think people should be allowed to have artillery pieces in their back yards, too? Is this some sort of sick joke, that you are telling us our children have to die because the Founding Fathers wanted madmen to have high-powered weaponry?…Insist the NRA announce it supports a Federal law prohibiting assault weapons and semi-automatic weapons and supports a Universal Background Check.

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How to Frame Progressive Arguments for Mass Consumption: Alan Grayson

Walmart employees represent the largest group of Medicaid recipients, the largest group of food stamp recipients, and the taxpayers shouldn’t have to bear that burden. It should be Walmart. So we’re going to take that burden and put it where it belongs, on Walmart.

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CSAs and Farmers Markets Note Two Decades of Massive Growth-Wow!

During the same period, the number of farmers markets in the US exploded roughly 500 percent, from about 1350 to 7864. The local food sector in general has seen an astounding 24 percent annual growth for 12 consecutive years! This while the economy for the past several years has been far from robust.

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Will Romney make a POSITIVE flip-flop on the environment?

Triple Pundit speculates that Romney, newly reinstalled on Marriott’s Board of directors, may become much greener again, as he was in the old days before he went out looking for the Neanderthal/climate denier vote. As a Massachusetts resident, I didn’t

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Falsehoods in the Republican Narrative

During the Republican presidency of Dwight Eisenhower, when both Jay and I were born, the top-earner tax rate was 91 percent; it was 50 percent during Reagan’s first term. So why is it considered so burdensome to bring the top income tax rate back from today’s 36 percent up to the 39.6 where it had been under Clinton (a time of enormous, unparalleled prosperity)?

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Duke Power’s Nuke at Risk for Fukushima-Style Flooding

Oconee nuclear power plant is at serious risk of flooding–and the NRC has lied to Congress about it. The plant is only 11 miles downstream from Jocassee Dam, whose likelihood of failure has been estimated at a completely unacceptable 1 in 163 per year. If Jocassee fails, it could generate a 16.8-foot wall of water at Oconee–which is only built to handle a 5-foot flood.

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