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Publishers Clearing House—Everything I Despise About Direct Mail, in One Envelope, Part 2

(continued from yesterday) Publishers Clearing House still believes in direct mail that scares people into action. The envelope and packet are full of legal-looking documents, dire warnings in big bold print, etc. The “involvement devices”—labels to pull off and attach,

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Publishers Clearing House—Everything I Despise About Direct Mail, in One Envelope, Part 1

Yup—Publishers Clearing House. The infamous magazine subscription discounter that used to clutter up my mailbox with screamy hype implying very strongly that I’d won some enormous fortune, if only I followed all the (seemed like) 39 steps to claim it.

The same Publishers Clearing House that once sent a mailer to Dance Spree, a community arts group, boldly announcing, “D. Spree, You May Already Have Won a Million Dollars” in a mailmerge whose dot matrix fonts didn’t match the rest of the offset-printed letter.

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Why did American Airlines Pull the Green Plane Down?

If the program is such a success, saving American Airlines money while increasing its “enviromarketability quotient”—making itself much more attractive to customers trying to chose an airline—why on earth (or in the sky!) would they pull all the cool stuff out?

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“Power of We” Saved a Mountain

Note that all of these actions are marketing actions. He could have called a meeting and not told the public, and then a few friends would have shown up and realized that they couldn’t do very much. But by harnessing the power of the press, the Internet, and the photocopier, and crafting a message that would resonate with his neighbors–that not only was this terrible, but that there was something we could do–he was able to spark something that truly had an impact.

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Now THAT was a Debate!

What a contrast! Two articulate, well-informed men talking about SUBSTANCE! ISSUES! People speculated ahead that the Biden-Ryan debate might be “too wonky” for average people–but I think ordinary folks are smarter than the pundits give them credit for. Both men

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Mitt Romney: Bully, Liar, Hypocrite

You’re still a bully!

Do you think you’re going to score points by jumping in repeatedly when it wasn’t your turn, monopolizing the time to make the same three or four tired points over and over again instead of following the rules of the debate? Do you think the rules don’t apply to the 1%? Just because president Obama was too polite and Jim Lehrer too ineffectual to stop you from grabbing far more than your share does not mean it sits well with those of us who were paying attention.

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