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“Slipping in polls, Romney tries to seem caring”

Trying, rather than doing, predisposes toward failure: “well, I tried.”

Language influences us in ways we’re only just starting to imagine. If your language includes a dozen words for cooperative problem solving, but none for war, how does that shape foreign policy?

In Spanish, there are two distinct verbs that translate into English as “to be”/”is”: Ser (to be in a permanent state) and estar (to be in a temporary condition or location).

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Carrotmob: Support Fair-Trade Coffee, Transported by Wind

So the real challenge is not to prove that they can use wind-powered ships, but that they can compete effectively using a modern wind-powered shipping fleet.

This of course could have a huge impact on the entire cargo shipping industry, if it can be done effectively and inexpensively enough to transport many different types of items.

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True CSR vs. Nonstrategic Philanthropy vs. Devaluing Humans at Banks

A cumbersome but hopefully thought-provoking title that sums up several divergent strains in a single blog post. Not one  I wrote, but one you may want to read.

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Getting Past the Censors: A Chinese Writer’s Clever Trick

A Chinese writer posted a withering attack on Chinese corruption and environmental destruction, but disguised it as an attack on the US.
The ploy worked. Not only did it get past the censors, but it’s gone viral in China, gaining 44,000 retweets and 5400 comments.

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For Once, I Agree with Senator Scott Brown

A court here in Massachusetts decided the state should pay the bill for a sex-change operation for a convicted murderer serving a life sentence, calling it a “serious medical need.” I’m a strong supporter of transgender people’s rights, and I

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A Marketer Analyzes Michelle Obama’s Convention Speech

Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention [link to a transcript] gets an almost perfect 9.9 from me. I think when people remember the great speeches of the 21st century, this one has a good chance of making the list.

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A New and Exciting Tool for Cleaning Oil Spills

I’ve been saying for years that we have the technology to fix many of the worlds environmental problems; we lack only the will. And new, exciting technologies to go deeper in the quest for solutions are being released all the

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