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Dear Mitt Romney: Have You No Shame, Sir?

An AP story on the Republican Convention in today’s paper puts it this way: Mitt Romney conceded Sunday that fresh controversy over rape and abortion is harming his party and he accused Democrats of trying to exploit it for political

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LA. School District Bans Styrofoam

Los Angeles Unified School District, a massive consumer of single-use plastic, has banned Styrofoam under student activist pressure—the first district in the nation to do so. And the school district superintendent, John Deasy, will put the topic on the agenda

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Even a Free Attraction Needs to Tell the Truth

Vacationing in Northern Minnesota, driving up Hghway 61 from Duluth, at mile 54.3, we followed a sign for a scenic overlook that had a nice description in a book of gentle hikes on the North Shore. This took us off

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Producers Need to Take Responsibility for Recapturing/Recycling Packaging

Too much goes into the landfill. Good article on Sustainable Brands about how manufacturers can and should be recapturing the materials, and how the US lags behind many other countries on this.

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Paul Ryan is a Radical Right-Wing Tree-Hater

Right-wingers used to try to insult environmentalists by calling us “tree-huggers.” Personally, I think that’s a badge of honor. But let’s spread it widely that Ryan is a tree-hater, and that a vote for Romney/Ryan is a vote AGAINST the Earth.

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Frugal and Sustainable Doesn’t Mean Deprivation

a guy all by himself in the desert, living off the grid in a dwelling he pieced together out of old shipping containers.

That scares a lot of people. Heck, it scares me! But it’s important to note that John Wells, the occupant of said desert paradise, is happy. He’s got a few hundred thou in the bank and he’s there because he wants to be.

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One Year After His Death, Remembering Sustainability Pioneer Ray Anderson

name comes up frequently when people talk about merging deep sustainability
AND profitability

Anderson pioneered the idea of modular carpeting, so that if one area is worn out, you can just pop in a couple of new carpet squares instead of replacing the whole darn thing.

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Edible Coffee Cups: Great Idea, but Is It Ready for Prime Time?

We’ve been doing [edible containers] with ice cream for about a century–why not coffee?

It sounds good in principle–but I have questions

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Want to Test an Idea’s Staying Power? Write a Fake Press Release About It

Guest Post by Marcia Yudkin, Marketing Expert and Mentor “Does my idea reinforce what people already believe, or does it challenge them?” writes Adrian Alexander in a description of criteria he uses when looking for thought nuggets that can get

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General Mills: Greenwashing Does Not Pay

cereal giant General Mills’ legal woes: multiple lawsuits over deceptive packaging, claiming for example that its Nature Valley brand of granola bars is “all natural” when in fact it’s highly processed and contains such ingredients as maltodextrin.

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