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How to Talk Green to Tea Partiers: Van Jones

Van Jones puts the argument for going green into an issue of individual economic liberty, and turns the don’t-subsidize-solar argument into a compelling Tea-Party-friendly argument for ending oil subsidies.

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Remembering a Fallen Warrior for Justice: Ward Morehouse, 1929-2012

If you ever doubt that one person can make a difference in the world, read this post. Carolyn Oppenheim wrote this beautiful tribute to her late husband, who died a few weeks ago. I knew Ward, as a friend, colleague, client, member of my Chavurah, and comrade in our social justice work. I asked Carolyn’s permission to share this as a guest post. For those who are local to Western Massachusetts, or who knew him, information about the September memorial is at the end.

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Isn’t the Point to Have Less Toxic Buildings? Defend LEED

Now the latest idiocy in Congress is to try to force the GSA to abandon the well-respected LEED rating system. Why? To protect the interests of toxic chemical manufacturers whose products can’t qualify for LEED certification.

Earth to Congress: getting rid of toxics is part of how you get green buildings. Duh!

If you think Congress should allow the GSA to continue using LEED in its building design criteria, here’s a petition you can sign. It’ll be turned in Tuesday, so go and sign it now before you get distracted.

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The Joy of Secrecy

I asked my wife what she’d like for her birthday. “Take me on a trip,” she said. So I’m taking her on a mystery trip. She knows vaguely where we’re going, but not the exact city, and not what we’ll be doing.

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Driving to Where English is Exotic: How it Went In Quebec

Thought you’d like a follow-up to my last post, about the impending driving trip to a French-speaking world in Quebec Province. Here’s how the trip went. My last post was about how lucky we are to be able to drive

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Changing Cultures…By Car

Even though on the surface, English-speaking Canada seems like the United States, they’re actually very different. And Francophone Quebec Province, where we’re headed, is much more different. Past visits have felt more like visiting France than the U.S.

Europeans have very close borders, and I would consider that a blessing. Drive 200 miles or so and you’re in another land—different language, until recently and still in many cases different money, different customs, different food.

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