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Would You Rather Have a Client for Life…Or ALIENATE a Client for Life?

The response I got from them was too little and waaaay too late (two months to get a form response asking me to call a customer service center that turned out to be in India, with a representative who had not seen and could not access my letter—and another two months to get the letter with the inadequate and inappropriate make-good).

So what did I do the next time I needed a car, a year and a half after this incident? After driving nothing but Toyotas and one Toyota clone (labeled as a Chevrolet Nova) since 1982, I took my money elsewhere.

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Think Newspapers are Dying? Warren Buffett Disagrees

Warren Buffett just bought 63 newspapers, including 25 daily papers. In his letter to the publishers and editors of his new properties, he lays out a rosy future for papers that focus on local news, and notes his lifelong love of newspapering, which runs in his family. He even delivered papers in Washington, DC for four years.

Like me, he sees a free press as an essential cornerstone of democracy, and he promises editiorial independence from the bean-counters.

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Quick—What’s the Key Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing Mindsets?

he insight that the reason it works so well is that it’s based in fact rather than fantasy is something I’ve never articulated. And I find it particularly interesting because the common marketing wisdom is that emotions do the selling, and intellect serves only to justify the purchase to others. I’ve never believed that; I have said for years that the best selling uses both emotion and rationality, complementing each other. To put it another way, selling is much easier when the buyer has both the need and the desire.

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Vermont Banned Fracking Last Month!

Fracking—a highly toxic method of extracting natural gas by filling rocks with poisonous chemicals and blowing them apart—has been linked to severe water pollution, among other problems.

This continues Vermont’s record of progressive legislation that includes forcing the owners of Vermont Yankee to abide by the end of its original licensing term (unfortunately overridden by a federal judge who, in my opinion and the opinion of many others, wildly overreached his authority) and providing universal health care.

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I’m Opposed to Catastrophic Climate Change…But I Love Having an Early Garden

While I see catastrophic climate change as a deep and real danger, I do find some comfort in the short term.

It was great that I barely had to pick up the snow shovel last winter. And it’s great that we’re already gathering blueberries off our bush, about three weeks early. The irises were in almost a month early, bringing welcome color to our yard.

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: Go See This Movie

What a delight! The more you’ve traveled in developing countries, the more you will relate to this charming and yet deeply socially conscious movie

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Worldwide Investment in Renewable Energy Hit $257 Billion in 2011

No financial crisis in this sector! Renewable energy investment doubled since 2007 (the whole time during the meltdown, in other words) and is up 600 percent since 2004, according to Triple Pundit. Renewables now supply 16.7 of the world’s energy

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ROI? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ ROI

Me: I already get about 50,000 visits a month to my site.

Salesman: Well, imagine hundreds of thousands more visitors.

Me: You think I’m going to get hundreds of thousands of visitors by giving out pens? Let me ask you—when was the last time you visited a website because someone gave you a pen with the URL?

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One Business Group that Wants Fairer Taxes, More Regulation reports on the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) conference in Washngton:

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How to Write and Promote Your Book One Post at a Time

If you want to create an author’s platform, a fan base, a tribe, a community, even a movement around your book, or around the idea upon which your book is based, the most effective or inexpensive tool you can use to achieve this goal is a blog. And if you want promote that book or idea from the moment you write the first word of your manuscript, you can do this quickly and efficiently by blogging your book.

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