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Van Jones: The Age of Obama: What Went Wrong (and How to Fix It)

as head of state, President Lyndon Johnson did not lead the civil rights movement. That was the job of independent movement leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Ella Baker, Bayard Rustin, and Fannie Lou Hamer. There were moments of conflict and cooperation between Johnson and leaders in the freedom struggle, but the alchemy of political power and people power is what resulted in the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

As head of state, Franklin Delano Roosevelt did not lead the labor movement. That was the job of independent union leaders. Again, the alchemy of political power and people power resulted in the New Deal. As head of state, Woodrow Wilson did not lead the fight to enfranchise women. That was the role of independent movement leaders, such as suffragettes Susan B. Anthony and Ida B. Wells. The alchemy of political power and people power resulted in women’s right to vote. As head of state, Abraham Lincoln did not lead the abolitionists. That was the job of independent movement leaders Frederick Douglass, John Brown, and Harriet Tubman. The alchemy of political power and people power resulted in the emancipation of enslaved Africans. As head of state, Richard Nixon did not lead the environmental movement. That was the job of various environmental organizations, such as the Sierra Club, and other leaders, like those whom writer Rachel Carson inspired. Once again it was the alchemy of political power and people power that resulted in the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Environmental Protection Agency

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If You Hire a Blogger, Expect Him/Her to Blog!

The stated justification (I’d call it an excuse) was that Brooks used the paper’s logo and quoted his offer letter without permission. If you believe that, I’ve got a nice antique bridge to sell you across the East River between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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Morgan, Goldman Sachs: Economy Grows More with Dems than GOP in Power

Fascinating blog from the Washington Post, showing numbers (assembled by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs) for economic growth under four different scenarios: Democratic or Republican in the White House, Democrat or Republican control of Congress.

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Dear Mitt: HELLOOOOO! Look in the Mirror!

Either Mitt Romney is trying to add comedy to his repertoire or he’s gone delusional on us. At least twice last week, he made off-the-wall statements accusing Obama of Romney’s own much-indulged-in behaviors and attitudes. Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s

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You Can Fool Some of the People Some of the Time…

This is dumb on so many levels! First of all, you never require an upsell. That’s called bait-and-switch, and is illegal, for good reason. Second, if you try to upsell somebody, your offer should be in tune with the original price. so maybe you offer a $99 or $109 upgrade to your $69 original offer. You’re not going to get many takers if your upsell is 27.53 times the original price, pushing it from two figures to four. Third, if you want to sell someone something 27 times the original price, you need to build trust and show you’re capable of the small stuff. And fourth, if you’re using an outside lead generation system (in this case, Groupon), you don’t want to piss them off.

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How Southwest Airlines is Greening Their Planes

From reusing the aluminum seat frames when replacing seats to changing to modular carpeting where only the worn spots get replaced, Southwest—often a pioneer—has shaved weight by more than 600 pounds per plane, drastically lowered its consumption of resources, and shaved costs. The long list of improvements Southwest has made toward greener flying can be seen here.

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