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Health Care Without Environmental Harm: What a Concept!

The agency praised the work of Bill Ravanesi, who is responsible for working directly with hospitals in the area and is currently working on an initiative organized by the Boston Green Ribbon Commission on extending sustainability throughout the city. “Bill Ravanesi . . . helps New England hospitals in toxicity and waste reduction, green building services, energy efficiency and climate change programs, focusing on sustainability and resiliency,”

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Seth Godin,Tom Peters, et al: End. Malaria. Now.

Guest post by Seth Godin and Michael Bungay Stanier. The blog connected with endmalariaday has more content than anyone could ever ever want. And that’s a bit of a problem, because more content is not going to help us sell

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Wow! Oil-Eating Sponge Offers Hope for Spill Cleanups

Inventors claim their ultraabsorbent “nanosponge” can take 100 times its weight in oil, without taking up water. Imagine how much easier it would have been to clean up the BP Deepwater Horizon mess if they had a few million cubic

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Is Another Global Disaster Waiting at Fukushima?

Testifying before the Japanese House of Councilors, Mitsuhei Murata (Japan’s former ambassador to Switzerland) raised a disturbing threat: 85 times as much radioactive cesium-137 as was released at Chernobyl is at risk of being released into the atmosphere. This is

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If You Dream It—Will They Come/Going Green When Nobody Notices

The funny thing is…transit systems control their own media, one that reaches the two most important audiences they have. If I were the company’s marketing director, I’d put inside placards on the front and back of both sides of every bus and subway

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Nuclear Loan Guarantees Make Solyndra Bailout Look Like a 5-year-old’s Birthday party

ow the loan guarantees the US is offering the proposed Vogtle nuclear plants in Georgia put U.S. taxpayers at risk for many times the amount lost over Solyndra…how the power company has almost no skin in the game, financially, with all the risk on our shoulders…and how even the very earliest stages of site preparation and construction have been fraught with mismanagement and flawed concrete.

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Put Your “Why” FIRST

it’s not enough merely to include the because; you want to lead with it. If you put your reasons why—your higher purpose—right at the top you immediately attract the people who are falling-all-over-themselves-eager to be part of your dream and your mission. This, he says, is why we don’t buy MP3 players or tablets from companies like Dell, but we salivate at Apple’s every product release—because Apple leads with the deeper why.

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Game-Changers,Innovation…and Marketing: My Persective

The missing ingredient in both Emerson’s “build a better mousetrap and people will beat a path to your door” and director Phil Alden Robinson and writer W. P. Kinsella’s “if you build it, they will come” is marketing…—just as the rise of Apple needed both Jobs’ vision and marketing skills and Steve Wozniak’s engineering genius. The lesson for entrepreneurs is that if you don’t have all three elements—vision, engineering, and marketing—you need to partner with someone who has the pieces you lack.

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Game-Changers, Innovation…and Marketing: Inspirations

think about how creativity happens, what it means, and whether “if you build it, they will come”—a/k/a, in the pre-“Field of Dreams” world as the better mousetrap aphorism—has relevance in today’s world.

Today, I’ll share three of these inspirations with you: the raw material.

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No Nukes Rallies: Now, the Governor Speaks

Only this time, the governor, and most of the state, was on our side. Governor Peter Shumlin was the featured speaker, and he outlined ten specific lies or broken promises on the part of New Orleans-based Entergy, which owns the plant.

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