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Give Me a Reason

They want to know why before they click on your link. They want to know why before they give up even 30 seconds of their time. Specifically, they want to know the benefit.

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Why food manufacturers should take biodiversity seriously

If you know anyone in the food industry, get them to read this article: Industrial-food hubris is a mindset that has to stop.

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Why I Don’t Say “Global Warming”

In my post yesterday on oil-industry and think-tank funding of climate deniers, I deliberately used the term “catastrophic climate change” instead of the more common phrase, “global warming.”

You may be wondering why:

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Scratch a “Climate Skeptic,” Find a Corporate Funder

Friday, TriplePundit posted leaked secret anti-climate-change strategy documents form Heartland Institute; they actually have the chutzpah to put $100,000 toward developing a K-12 school curriculum to “show that the topic of climate change is controversial and uncertain – two key points that are effective at dissuading teachers from teaching science.”

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Panera CEO: Corps Can Use their Strengths to Right Wrongs

“Imagine Walmart doing distribution for food banks…in which The Gap runs thrift shops…in which The Home Depot is involved in rebuilding.” This challenge comes from Ron Shaich, CEO of Panera, as he closes a wonderful talk at Sustainable Brands about

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Help the US Department of Labor Define Green Marketer as a Job Category

The US Department of Labor has asked me to put them in touch with people in the US who can help them define the brand new category of green marketers. If you have at least two years green marketing experience

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Betrayed by the NRC…Again!

32 years ago, my first book, on why nuclear power is a terrible idea, was published. Last year, in the wake of Fukushima, I was asked to update it for a new Japanese edition. Doing the research for the update, I saw nothing to make me change my mind, and a lot to reinforce my original conclusion that nuclear power is unsafe, uneconomical, and unnecessary.

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Infographics Shed Light on Energy Issues, and More

@MichelleShaeffr sent me a link to a whole bunch of interesting infographcs. Some worth highlighting: How long before the world’s oil runs out, by country Oil production vs. consumption broken down by US state Rise of Asian

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Support Jack Abramoff??? Ummm…I Don’t Think So

One of the charities I support just sent me an email with the subject line, “Shel — Jack Abramoff needs you.” I opened the e-mail, expecting to a sarcastic, ironic letter about how big money has infiltrated politics and sending

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US Government: Large Wind Farms Won’t Harm Environment

Here’s a widely reported AP newswire story saying the federal government doesn’t see major lasting effects from large wind farms. While I recognize that wind is not without some problems (inlcuding bird hazards and sometimes noise), I welcome this development.

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