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Finding Bright Spots in a Tough Day

Yesterday was a challenge to find the bright side of things. But proving that I am in fact a PR guy, here’s how I spin it: My e-mail started working again by itself, and the 16 hours it was down

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Why I’m Not Buying On CyberMonday

The pundits have dubbed today “CyberMonday,” meaning we good little sheep are to go bravely forth over our modems and contribute to the global economy, from the comfort of our homes and offices. Well, sorry, but I’m not playing. I

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Passive Solar, No Furnace in COLD Minnesota

just done a deep-green retrofit of a 1935 house—and yanked out the furnace. With frequent temperatures of -20F and spikes well below that, this is a brave thing to do.

But not unproven.

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“The Social Network” an Antisocial Movie

As a social media user since 1995, and someone who trains others in social media, I’d been wanting to see “The Social Network” for months. Last night, I got my chance. And I was disappointed. It’s a courtroom drama without

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Cool Resource: Ecofreek International Swap Exchange

As a longtime participant in, I was interested to compare. I found several major differences:

1. The search engine is elegant and allows you to choose a geographic area ranging from your own town or US state to anywhere in the world.

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$25K for the Greenest Family in NYC Tri-State Area—Time-Sensitive

I am always thinking of you, my readers–so when I saw this in this morning’s Help a Reporter, I stopped what I am doing to tell you about it. I know nothing about this other than what is below, but

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India Sues Monsanto for Biopiracy

Monsanto has had a particularly disgusting habit of letting its GM crops contaminate other farmers’ fields, including organic growers, and then suing the victims for using its seed without permission.

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Where is the Outrage over Police Destruction of OWS Property?

I keep waiting for one of these Great Defenders of Property Rights—you know, people like Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, and O’Reilly—to step forward and make some noise about the way the police wantonly destroyed property of individual occupiers and resources belonging

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Researchers quantify net societal benefit of cycling for short trips:

According to a new study by Environmental Health Perspectives, biking instead of driving for trips under five miles turns out not only to be healthful, cleaner, more fun, etc.–it’s also apparently good for the economy to replace car trips with

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Positive Lessons from The Solyndra Debacle

Green activists needn’t be disheartened by the failure of Solyndra. Commentators including Nobel Prize recipient Paul Krugman show how the solar economy is thriving, and even why its success caused Solyndra’s collapse.

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