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Majority of Americans Think Nation’s Progress Too Slow on Renewable Energy

A new poll by the University of Texas shows 76 percent of Americans think we should be doing more on renewable energy—so we’ve made good progress in penetrating consciousness. Yet only 5 percent see energy or the environment as the

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If You Had Any Doubt that Customer Service is Crucial to Marketing

I have long said that your brand is the sum of people’s perceptions of you–real or imagined. Customers and prospects weigh more heavily in the construction of a brand than people outside your sphere, but all of it counts. And

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Patagonia Grows Its Brand By Telling People to Buy Less

Fascinating article by Marc Stoiber on how Patagonia’s latest environmental initiatives tells customers not to buy what they don’t need, and to make what they do buy last forever. And if it doesn’t last forever, Patagonia will take it back

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A Marketing Stunt That Worked–and Comment

In this month’s newsletter, I wrote about the most elaborate press kit I’ve ever received, including a video player, a bottle, and more. To see, please click the link above and then click on “current issue” (that should work until

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Conservation Saves 254 Megawatts this Year in the Pacific Northwest

Conservation measures in the northwest, with a three-year overall payback, saved enough energy to power 153,900 homes: 254 megawatts. And in the last 33 years, that region has saved enough energy to meet Seattle’s energy needs four times over. That

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I was Inducted into the National Environmental Hall of Fame Today!

I felt this award was really for all of the several thousand people who worked on these campaigns, and the millions who work on these kinds of causes around the world.

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The Internet: Your Missing-Persons Tracker?

We all leave footprints all over Cyberspace. And those of us with somewhat uncommon names can connect again.

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US-Made Ultra-Green LED Lamp

In case you didn’t know, LED lamps are more or less proportionally as efficient compared to CFLs as CLFs are to incandescents. Add in mercury-free, much longer bulb life, and in this case, made in US out of recycled materials.

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Another Promising-Sounding Energy Technology

I know nothing about this, but I just came across a link to a patented technology that claims to nonpollutingly harness the massive energy from extremely high-pressure, high-temperature undersea volcanoes. they claim any single installation captures several times  as much

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“Genuine Imitation”

announcements about a Beatles brunch (at B.B. King’s Lucile’s club) featuring not one of the two surviving Beatles, but cast memb ers of Beatlemania

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