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A Marketer Sees Missed Opportunity for the Nissan Leaf

I’ve long been  a fan of marketing to different market segments according to their own hot buttons, as anyone knows who has read my books (especially Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green). Here’s someone on Triple Pundit, looking at the experience of

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Facebook Pisses Off Marketers…Again

Some of these bone-headed things I just don’t understand, especially when you think about how much of Facebook’s income stream is generated by professional marketers–marketers who have, in many cases, invested significant time and money into their fanpages and their ad campaigns.

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Facebook Marketing – What Makes Sense?

Stop wasting time chasing F-shiny objects, and focus on fixing the basics (like search and ratings & reviews) which have proven results.

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“Get Me ‘Rewrite!'” Does Your Communication Actually Communicate?

OK, what is the writer trying to say? He talks about “stator-rotor configuration” and “axial flux air core machine” as if we automatically know what these things are… I don’t believe in dumbing things down, but I do think a reasonably intelligent person ought to be able to understand the gist of a piece of writing…The purpose of written communication, IMHO, is to communicate.

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RIP: One Organic Garden

On the good side, the hayfield is coming back. Fresh green growth has come up over the silt and if you don’t look too closely, it looks normal.

But the garden was another matter.

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“Viral Marketers”: There’s a Lesson Here

I had some hopes in writing the 9/11 piece that it might go viral…talking about the better world that could have been created had we been blessed with visionary leadership instead of small-minded vengeance.

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Unlikely Friends: A Conservative and a Progressive Find Common Ground

Guest Post by Steve Jennings [Editor’s Note: Steve, good and gracious person that he is, sent me an advance copy of this post to make sure I didn’t have any issues with him posting it. I wrote back that I

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9/11: Bush’s Lost Opportunity for World Peace

What was needed was a powerful, emotional speech recognizing that the old, imperialist model of conduct among nations didn’t work anymore…and seizing this terrible moment as a bridge to world peace, a chance for the world to re-invent itself as something new

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Devil’s Bargain: Will GM and Ford Spill E-Car Secrets to the Chinese?

After one to three years, the foreign automakers will find themselves closed out—and sitting on a big useless pile of expensive infrastructure—as the Chinese rush cheap and shoddily built EVs to market using American, European, or Japanese technology

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Lessons From a Customer Service Failure

Here are three lessons you can take away and implement in your own business, so that you’re not the one getting bad word-of-mouth/word-of-mouse

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