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Environmentalists, Conservatives Join Forces to Get Rid of Government Waste

The “Green Scissors” project, with participation from the likes of Friends of the Earth on the environmental side and the Heartland Institute among the conservative groups, targets $380 billion in wasteful government spending that happens to also foster environmentally negative impact.

Among the programs suggested for the chopping block:

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Brookings Institution: Green Industries Employ More Americans than Fossil Fuels

Brookings Institution, now says that the 2.7 million Americans employed in green industries has outpaced the number working in fossil fuels.

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Personal: My Mother’s Obituary

My mother died Sunday morning a week after a paralyzing stroke and it’s been a time of NOT focusing on work. She was a remarkable woman who touched many lives. This is the obit that I wrote for our local

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Radioactive Tritium from VT Yankee Polluting the Connecticut River

The latest in a long series of “incidents” at the long-troubled Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, just up the river from me in Vernon, Vermont: the tritium leaking for several months at Vermont Yankee has definitively reached the Connecticut River. The

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Iceland: The Geothermal Marvel

Everywhere we went, there were geothermal hotsprings. Everywhere, there were geothermally heated municipal swimming pools and hot tubs (one of the few bargains in a rather expensive country). We visited a geothermal power plant that contained an energy museum. We enjoyed hot, hot showers, as hot as our solar-heated system at home. We cooked eggs in a geothermal spring, and tasted bread that had been baked in the ground, overnight.

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Greenwashing…Then and Now

The word “greenwashing” is only a few years old; the practice, unfortunately, goes back much longer. This morning, for some reason, I woke up thinking about a loaf of bread I saw in the supermarket some time in the early

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An Optimist Perspective on the Debt Bill

Taking the anonymous author’s claim that the claims have been verified at face value, it’s clearly a better bill than the media has reported, with half the original cuts and triggers to take extras out of right-wing pet programs.

Whether this is indeed a victory, or simply less of a loss, is something I’ll leave to your judgment.

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New England Environmental—Congrats on LEED Platinum

The green design features of this design are expected to save the company $21,000 a year

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