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When Bicycles are Faster Than Planes

That’s right: On Sunday, an airplane got its butt kicked by bicycles, metro rail, and a pair of rollerblades.

Score two for self-propelled transportation (bikes AND inline skates), and another for land-based mass transit.

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Japan’s Response to Fukushima: Censor the Negative News?

For more than 30 years, one of the arguments I’ve made against nuclear power is the chilling effect on our freedom.

Now, it seems that Japan may have passed a law heading down that slippery slope. Or not.

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Waste $92 Million? Sure, Says Entergy

And I’ll bet that Entergy will raise an argument on the order of “you can’t make us shut down, we just spent $92 million to refuel.” Since the company knew full well that this money could be completely wasted and went ahead anyway, I hope that Judge Murtha not only refuses to consider that line of “reasoning,” but makes sure the entire cost is borne not by innocent taxpayers and ratepayers of Vermont, not even by stockhoders who had nothing to do with this decision, but by the members of the Board of Directors who voted to squander this money, and to the executives that pushed for this vote.

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Harness the Power of Online Video to Market Your Book and Promote Your Message

Creating Web video might seem intimidating but the truth is that it can be easy, affordable, and even free. Creating Web video can also be a great deal of fun.

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Dems Need to Say “This is YOUR Mess”

In short, the Dems (and I’ve said this before) have to get much better at framing and messaging… They need to understand that politics is about marketing, and the reason they lose so often is because they don’t have a clue about marketing.

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Grains: The Next Frontier of Local Food?

A two-day conference (today and tomorrow) on growing, processing, and marketing a variety of local grains…As someone who thinks local community food self-sufficiency is going to be a very important issue in the coming years, I think that’s pretty darned cool.

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Coming to SolarFest? Please Say HI

If you’re thinking of solarizing your home, starting to compost, building with straw bales or other eco-friendly materials, collecting and reusing rainwater, or just learning about new green technologies you can easily make a part of your life, this weekend’s SolarFest in Tinmouth, Vermont may be very well worth the trip.

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Want Me To Follow You on Twitter?: My Social Media Policy

Whether I visit your profile right away is going to depend on how many other new follows I got since I last checked. If I have 5, I’ll likely visit them all. If I have 30 or more, I’ll scan for people I know, then look for a handful with interesting screen names. If I happen to notice something in your bio about sustainability, social media, or other interests of mine, or if I see a high follower count, I’m more likely to click through.

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The Personalities of Mice

I noticed very quickly that different mice reacted very differently to the experience of being trapped, and then released. Microcosms of the human experience, in fact.

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Nuclear is NOT the Solution: Response to George Monbiot

From 1952 to 2009, there were at least 99 accidents causing loss of life or at least USD $50,000 in property damage, and that does not count the Fukushima accidents in 2010 and 2011.

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