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Glued to The Weather Channel While the World Burns

Guest Blog by Paul Rogat Loeb Following the weather is beginning to feel like revisiting the Biblical plagues. Tornadoes rip through Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma-even Massachusetts. A million acres burn in Texas wildfires. The Army Corps of Engineers floods 135,000 acres

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Latest AP Nuke Safety Report: Population Growth Not Factored In

Here’s the latest installment in the Associated Press’s very disturbing report on nuclear power plant safety. Adding to the previous reports’ deep concerns about neglected maintenance and regulators who scale back requirements rather than enforce them, the newest installment demonstrates

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Nuclear “Safety” Procedures Are Absolutely Unacceptable!

Here is the smoking gun—the clear, hard evidence that the nuclear industry AND its regulators care nothing about our safety. The Associated Press spent a year investigating nuclear power plant safety. And found something really scary: when regulators encounter problems,

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Egad! I Agreed with Two Different Republicans This Week

I’m not used to this: John Boehner said something I agreed with. Which is that Obama’s action in Libya needs approval under the War Powers Act. While I’m glad he’s holding Obama up to this very important law, I do

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Green is NOT Just for Treehuggers Anymore

One of the most exciting things about the green movement lately is the way it’s become so mainstream. After some 40 years in this movement, I am deeply gratified that every company I can think of is taking steps toward

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A Week of Milestones and Millstones

Havent had time to blog much, because there’s just too much going on at the Horowitz/Friedman homestead: 3 days in Boston because my son had, on successive days, an orchestra rehearsal, his final orchestra concert before they go on tour

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Where is the LEFT Challenge to Obama?

While the GOP lines up to see who can be more crazy and out-of-touch and unintelligent than their competitors, the Left is strangely quiet. Haven’t even heard rumblings of candidacy from Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who has set the bar for

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