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Good Nuke News in Germany, Switzerland, Vermont

This is really exciting: Germany, already a leader in the safe energy space—in fact, my solar inverter, installed back in 2004, was built in Germany—has rejected nuclear power. Germany has pledged to permanently close the seven plants taken off-line following

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Corporations (and Governments) Need Thicker Skins

But then Real Grrls said it didn’t want the money if there were going to be issues about corporate censorship. They’re using Web 2.0 channels…to raise the money from outside the corporate world.

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Environmental Benefits of Legalizing Pot

This fascinating article shows a number of negative environmental effects from the prohibition, ranging from highly toxic pesticides used both by growers and by law enforcement authorities on down to greater energy usage because the plants are often grown indoors and therefore need artificial light. If I counted right, the article offers six environmental benefits of legalizing pot.

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Automatic Audio Podcasts of Your Blog (and Mine)

Well, maybe if your idea of human speech is some very nervous person reading a presentation in a near-monotone. It’s got a long way to go before it sounds human to me.

But then again, I know people who read books on their phones.

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I Got My Nuke Intro Done In Just One Week!

I love coming in early with clean copy that meets the specifications, and I love that I was able to negotiate a much better arrangement than what was originally proposed. And I love letting the supporters of this inane technology [nuclear power] demonstrate for me why it should be abandoned.

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Should You Work with a Company That Doesn’t Share Your Values? My Take

You have these options:
1. Be a purist and refuse any tainted money or tainted partnerships…
2. “Separation of powers,” where you will work with a company that has dirty hands, but only work on the clean-hands aspects of that company.
3. Use the partnership to actively push the company toward more progressive stances

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Facebook Behind Smears on Google’s Privacy Policy

‘m no fan of Google’s approach to privacy, and one of the reasons I still keep Eudora, my “throwback” e-mail system where the e-mail resides on my own hard drive, is that I don’t particularly want Google to have access to my outbox (I do filter some incoming mail through GMail). However, I’ve never particularly trusted Facebook on that score either. I simply stick to a policy that assumes anything I post anywhere is public knowledge,

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Should You Work With Companies With Opposing Values—On Your Intersections?

On one of the green discussion groups, someone raised the question whether it’s appropriate to work with a company whose mission is at odds with your values—on the parts where your values intersect. So, for example, would a pacifist environmentalist

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BP’s Tacky Responses, One Year After the Deepwater Explosion

Does BP actually HAVE a working PR department? The latest bonehead self-inflicted assault on the company image was to prevent five Gulf residents, holding legitimate proxies, from entering the annual shareholder meeting they’d traveled all the way to London to attend.

This on top of the news that the company

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In Some Areas, We HAVE Made Progress

The parade stretched for blocks and moved down Main Street to a cheering throng of some 15,000, lining not only both sidewalks but also the midline of our very wide boulevard. Contingents included students, teachers, and parents from several elementary and high schools…dozens of churches…our local public library, where I and several other writers marched along with the director, assistant director, and a couple of the trustees…and a number of prominent politicians

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