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“No Risk to Humans” from Plutonium Spill? Who Are They Trying to Kid

The amounts detected in five different soil samples taken from the facility did not pose a risk to humans, safety officials say.

Yes, I am calling that last sentence an outright lie—a disgusting, damnable, and definitely dangerous dissembling.

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Nuke Problems in Japan Make it Clear: NO More Nukes Elsewhere!

The news from Japan remains very troubling: Tokyo Electric seems to have no clue what’s going on and how to deal with it—saying at one point that radiation levels in the plant were 10 million times normal, and then retracting it

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Urban vs. Rural Sustainability Perspectives

I have lived in a housing project of 55,000 people in New York City—so insignificant in the city’s eyes that we didn’t even have a subway stop; we had to bus or walk a mile to one of two different

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Five Hours of Craziness…And a New Car

In my last post, I described the demise of our radiator and engine while driving down the highway Wednesday. I had the car towed to our mechanic, who called this morning to tell us that the engine had indeed suffered

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What Kind of Crazy Deja Vu…

In 2003, we were driving down the Wilbur Cross Parkway in Connecticut, on our way to pick up a high school exchange student from France at JFK Airport. Suddenly, steam started pouring out of the hood, the temperature gauge hit

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Playing with RockMelt

My friend Christophe Poizat sent me invitation to try the new social-media-integrated browser, RockMelt. I immediately liked the interface. It’s a little more elegant, and seemed faster, at least initially (like Firefox, it seems to slow down the more I

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Shut the Nukes NOW!

It seems we’ve escaped complete catastrophe at the six failed reactors in Japan damaged in the earthquake and tsunami—for the moment, But it was (and may still be) pretty dicey. Two of the reactors had to be cooled with seawater, in

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Uh-Oh! The Fox is Guarding the Henhouse

When is certification NOT a good idea? When the body doing the certifying owns the company being certified but doesn’t disclose this. Can you say “conflict of interest?” “Tested Green” Environmental Certifications were neither tested, nor green.  The Washington, D.C.

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TerraCycle Has a Great Idea But Issues in the Execution

Packing waste is a scourge in our society. Filling landfills, choking birds, littering our streets, it definitely is a problem that needs to be addressed. One way, of course, is by generating less packaging in the first place. Do companies

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The Stars Seem to be Aligned

“Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I will move the world.” —Archimedes, 230 BC. All of a sudden, it seems like the universe is dropping a lot of opportunities in my lap. The last

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