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Why You Don’t Have Access to Your Own Facebook Data

Even something as simple as sending a message to everyone I’ve identified as part of a particular interest group (and I do categorize my friends) is too much work for the return in most cases, because of FB’s ridiculous limit of 20 people getting the same message at once, and suspending accounts of people who send too many batches of messages (or even accept too many friend requests) too close together. And because there’s no e-mail channel, I rarely participate in discussions on someone’s fan page. On LinkedIn, when I post to a discussion list, everyone on that list gets an e-mail notification. Not true with FB pages I’ve liked.

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Urgent: Speakers, Beware the Middlesex University Scam

Speakers—be suspicious of any e-mail that asks for banking information in order to get a work permit (I didn’t get that far with him)—and don’t be surprised if a similar scheme shows up allegedly from a different school and different professors.

You’ve been warned!

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Now This is Scary: DHS Slams 84,000 Websites

Mind you, I’m not saying the US government is totalitarian, but it certainly overreached this time (and not the first time, by a long shot). If you haven’t yet signed Free Press’s petition against the “Internet kill switch,” I suggest you go there right now and add your name.

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Corporate Crime Doesn’t Pay

Two stories in today’s paper about high consequences for corporate greed—and both of them have significant environmental as well as business ethics interest. First, a local company here in Massachusetts, Stevens Urethane, faces a five-year ban on manufacturing a technology

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Why You WON’T Be Reading This Book on Kindle

If the former, the pay rate is not bad, in the great scheme of things—it compares with a typical book royalty—but not really enough to get me to give them the rights they want. How many would I realistically sell in the course of a year? A dozen? A hundred? Ten thousand?

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The Peculiar Thank-You

In an attempt to regain control over e-mail, I’ve been unsubscribing from dozens of publications. And I notice—a LOT of them thank me for this! As a marketer, I find this puzzling. It makes a lot more sense to me

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Global WHATing?

Sure has been one cold and snowy winter here in Massachusetts. One morning last week was minus 19 F, and that is the coldest day I can remember experiencing, ever. And January set snow records all over the place. The

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Green Social Media Trends in Nonprofits and Online Communities

Guest post by Daniel Cawrey What are some of the green trends making their way through the web? It seems like almost everyone today is trying to leverage social media in order to captivate audiences that may be interested in

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