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Bread & Puppet in its 48th Year, Still Going Strong

Ever see a 76-year-old-man up on stilts—and not just ordinary stilts but giant ones that elevated him 15 or 20 feet above everyone else? I saw Peter Schumann, the tireless founder of Bread & Puppet Theater, do just that yesterday,

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Postcard from San Francisco: Mission Murals

By Shel Horowitz, Editor, Global Travel Review In my many trips to San Francisco and the Bay area, I’ve tended not to go to the Mission District. I’d walked through it on my first trip to the city, way back

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It’s About Trade-Offs: Hard Questions from the Sustainable Foods Summit (Part 2)

(This is Part 2 of my report on the Sustainable Foods Summit. If you missed Part 1, please click here.) And some insights that I knew already, but appreciated the reminders—most of which were echoed by several presenters: Yields, quality,

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It’s About Trade-Offs: Hard Questions from the Sustainable Foods Summit (Part 1)

Can you preserve the soil by switching to no-till farming if it means you can’t use organic methods? Which is more sustainable: a lightweight plastic bag made from virgin materials (i.e., petroleum), or a plastic clamshell using 40 times as

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Some Thou Shalts and Thou Shalt Nots for Delta’s Interface Designers

Since, in writing and speaking about creating green, ethical, and expectation-surpassing business success, I often address customer service issues, I’m going to transform this crappy experience into a no-charge customer service consultation to Delta. I get a blog post; they get free advice. Deal?

OK, there you have my personal 10—not commandments but suggestions—that would improve your customers’ attitude toward you, deliver a much more positive experience, and create fans instead of reluctant buyers.

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One Week In: How’m I Doing?

So what have I learned so far?

* There ARE enough hours of the day, although I understandably came up short the day I had three hours out of the house for meetings and errands (and that threw off the average for financial and organizing, both of which took a zero that day)

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Albanian Muslims Saved Thousands of Jews in WWII

1. Even in the face of unspeakable evil, there will be people who do the right thing, even at great personal risk.

2. This is one of many pieces of historical evidence that Jews and Muslims can coexist, yet another reason to disbelieve the racists on both sides who say such a thing is impossible.

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Good News on the Nuclear Front

In other words, the power of an organized populace resulted in a victory, something that’s getting less frequent all the time but is still very much possible.

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My New Regime for 2010

Over the weekend, rather than a new year’s resolution, I came up with a formula to break my day into pieces, by task, and hopefully boost my efficiency. My goals for this year are to spend my weekday workdays (starting

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Just Two Resolutions for 2011

1. To move forward on my goal of reaching critical mass for the two self-syndicated columns I’m launching, Green And Profitable, for business, and Green And Practical, for consumers. Both emphasize easy, low-cost, high-return approaches. Click here to see samples

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