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Could This Be the Internet’s Sleaziest Scumbag?

a fraud artist who takes people’s money for genuine brand names, sends counterfeits, or maybe just pockets the money, threatens his customers with bodily harm or worse when they complain—and is delighted by the complaints because they get him great positions in Google! Somehow, he manages to keep his merchant account and mostly stay out of jail.

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Real Green Means Nonpolluting—And This Doesn’t Make It

Our real energy future lies with much cleaner, fully renewable technologies like solar, wind, and hydro–all on a human sale and generating power at or near the point of use–and especially with what Amory Lovins calls “negawatts”: slashing energy consumption in existing buildings, vehicles, etc. Energy savings of 50 to 80 percent are achievable in many cases, thus removing the need to build more centralized power plants in the first place.

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IAECM Changes Its Name

By overwhelming vote of the Steering Committee, the International Association of Earth-Conscious Marketers is now the International Association of Green Marketers. If you want to be notified when we’re ready to accept members (still hashing out the organizational stuff first),

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Veterans: Unlikely But Effective Climate Educators

Veterans know you can’t wait for 100 percent certainty. If you wait until everything is clear and laid out, you’re probably no longer alive

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Slashing the Energy Consumption of the Next Generation Supercomputers

Absolutely fascinating BBC News article about the ultra-energy-efficient, ultra-tiny future of supercomputers (Thanks, Twitter friend @whatgreeninvest). I found some bits especially startling: According to the IBM researcher leading the team, “The cost of a transistor works out to 1/100th of

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Yay! My First Green And Profitable Column Was Published

Just a quick brag: Monday, the Daily Hampshire Gazette, my hometown paper in Northampton, Massachusetts, became the first newspaper to contract for and publish an installment of my new column, Green And Profitable (Note: this paper may not let you

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What’s Fair with Taxing Online Merchants?

Friday, I got a press release from the American Booksellers Association, crowing that a lawsuit against New York State’s “sales tax fairness” law–which states that any company using affiliates based in New York has a “nexus” in the state, and

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Why the Democrats Lost: Failure to Be Bold

The massive switch of independent voters, in particular, was, in short, a continuation of the 2008 Obama call for “change”: a loud cry that people didn’t feel they actually received the change they had voted for in 2008.

And this can be pinned squarely on the Democrats’ failure to make bold policy, and to be willing to tell the story of their success boldly.

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