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Charles Baker Sets New LOW for Campaign Ethics

Thus, between hearing a recent Patrick speech and finding myself agreeing with almost everything he said, and my deep concerns about living under either a Baker or Cahill administration, I will be marking my ballot Tuesday for Democratic governor Deval Patrick. Charles Baker can take at least some of the credit for my vote.

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Coming Soon: Highlights from the DC Green Festival

I’ve written a great roundup of the cool Green trends I discovered walking the floor of the Green America/Global Exchange Green Festival in Washington, DC this weekend. some amazing stuff in fashion, transportation, shelter, food, and more. They’re doing another

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Why My Blog is Moving to

And finally, I’ve had a long-held dream (at least 25 years,maybe longer) of being a syndicated columnist, kind of like George Will but with progressive, earth-centered viewpoints. I want to use the “bully pulpit” to make a difference on the environment, move the world toward ending hunger, poverty, and war, and reach a lot of people who haven’t read my books or e-zines.

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How to Talk Green with Anti-Environmentalists

Good article on Triple Pundit about how to discuss environmental issues with people who either don’t care or are actively hostile to the Green perspective. Five talking points you can use to reach people via their own self-interest. The list

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Water is an Environmental Justice Issue #blogactionday

Today is another Blog Action Day for social justice, and today’s topic is water. My slant on this, as someone who writes about environmental issues, is that access to clean, safe water is both an environmental and a justice issue.

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The Blurry Lines of Plagiarism, Learning, and Originality

I suspect strongly that Dan Kennedy studied Jeffrey Lant, and that Lant studied Melvin Powers, and that Powers studied John Caples and Hopkins, and back it goes, past Lincoln, Jefferson, and Franklin, at least as far as the Biblical Abraham, who used his marketing skills to persuade God not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if he could find ten righteous people.

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Half-Measures on Green and Accessible

Back to back, I saw two instances of organizations making a good step forward, but stopping half-way. Why do they stop there? I’m in New York because I spoke at a conference today, at the Sheraton on 7th Avenue at

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