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Seth Godin: We Have No Privacy—Do You Really Care?

Seth Godin blogged something that I’ve long said. We live in a world where privacy is not a given. If you have a credit card, your life is an open book (one example among many). What Seth pointed out is

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Summers' Departure Could Create Space for Real Reform

Now is President Obama’s chance: with the much-scorned Larry Summers stepping away from US financial policy, there’s room to appoint an economist with a deeper understanding of the causes and cures for our economic woes. If I were Obama, my

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How the Democrats Could STILL Win in November

But most of those 91 accomplishments didn’t require approval by Congress. The Republicans have decided, as a bloc, to vote against almost anything we propose—even if they proposed it first. If it comes from the Democrats, they vote no, end of story. How much more progress would we have made without their tantrumy-two-year-old behavior? How much better shape would the economy and our carbon footprint be in if, for instance, the green Jobs package hadn’t been so watered down?

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Interesting National Geographic Article on Food Foraging

I tried to make this comment directly on the article, at It wouldn’t take, and I’m not one to waste a good comment. I’m a long-time forager. Just today, I was checking on the Russian olives in my neighborhood

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How a Solar Stimulus Could Get Us OFF Fossil and Nuclear

Lovins points out that if you insulate so well that you don’t need a furnace or air conditioner, the payback is far greater, “because you also save their capital cost—which conventional engineering design calculations, oddly, don’t count.”

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Transition Towns

may be one of our best hopes for avoiding catastrophic climate change (on which the window is getting smaller) and the great hardship of massive price shocks on all the things based in fossil fuels—which is pretty much everything.

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"Random" Occurrences Show Me The Universe is Noticing

There is definitely something to all this Law of Attraction stuff. Consider this: For the past few months, I’ve been putting out a lot of energy around four things: 1. Expanding the public speaking portion of my business 2. Pitching

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Water Aid: A Burden for Thirst (#BloggersUnite)

Latest campaign from Bloggers Unite is to save the lives of the 4000 children per day who die for lack of clean drinking water. I just signed up to participate. Here’s the link if you’d like to add your blog

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Hey, Barack, When Do We Get the SOLAR Stimulus?

The latest stimulus proposal, announced this week by Barack Obama, will put $50 billion into the hopper for improvements to “the nation’s roads, railways and runways,” as the Associated Press story alliteratively noted. And certainly, those improvements are needed. Europeans

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What Kind of Idiot Would Publicly Burn a Koran on 9/11?

  • Christ’s message was one of tolerance of differences, acceptance of diversity. Consider as one among many examples the story of the Good Samaritan. Samaritans were a despised ethnic group in Christ’s day, as this post on makes clear.
  • What makes the US different from (and better than) totalitarian governments with official state religion is that we were founded on the bedrock principles of justice and equality, even for those who are different from us. While it’s true that as a country, we certainly haven’t always lived up to these principles, they are part of our founding heritage and part of why I am proud to be an American. Bigotry is anti-American, and this is an act of bigotry.
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