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IAECM Takes a Big Step Forward #blogboost

With one hour and ten minutes left to go in the month of August, I’m going to squeeze out one last #blogboost post. Thanks, Michelle and Michele for organizing this. It seems I’ve touched a nerve in stating my intention

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Branding Lessons at Breakfast (What Not to Do) #blogboost

I could name hundreds of examples of companies whose marketing departments utterly squander their chance to move the discourse forward. But to have two in the same breakfast struck me as worth writing about.

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Martin Luther King, Jr., Glenn Beck, and the "Ground Zero Mosque" #blogboost

I think Beck and Palin are despicable. I also think they have every right to hold their gathering of the lunatic fringe. And I’m aware that I’ve taken plenty of stands over my career for which others would paint me as “lunatic fringe.” Some of them are now mainstream, such as aiming for zero waste, repurposing rooftop space into food and energy collectors, and getting the heck off fossil and nuclear power sources—but they sure weren’t 30 or 40 years ago. I would not have granted then, and don’t grant now, the right of others to tell me how to think, and I don’t claim that same privilege against others whom I disagree with. The right to try to convince them, certainly—but NEVER to dictate what is or is not acceptable thought.

I remember holding a lone protest in front of the local courthouse when the U.S. bombed Lybia. The first day, I got a lot of middle fingers and angry shouts.

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10 Ways to Make Your Message Resonate with Green Consumers: Read My Article #blogboost

My latest article, 10 Ways to Make Your Message Resonate with Green Consumers, was published today on (Joel Makower’s very well-regarded enviro site). For anyone into Green marketing, I recommend this. (Of course, my book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green,

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How To Sue A Telemarketer In Small Claims Court

Guest post by Steve Ostrow [Editor’s note: I was sent a review copy of this book, and enjoyed its playful approach to an intimidating subject. So when I was asked if I’d give Steve a forum during his launch, I

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Starbucks as Ad Network/Social Media? OMG #blogboost

The article posits that Starbucks is working to reposition itself as an in-store information portal, with all sorts of goodies available to those who go to the stores and log on to its network—and that ads on this network could become the premier place to reach certain consumers, as well as the favored online community that could displace Facebook in our affections…
I’m not sure it’s going to unfold exactly as they see it, but I suspect pieces of it will play out that way. That’s a future that leaves me with more than a little discomfort. It’s like a vertical and horizontal integration of the mind similar to, say, General Motors’ vertical and horizontal integration of the car market starting at least in the 1930s. I don’t like to see so much energy concentrated in one company, whether it’s GM, Google, or Starbucks.

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How NOT to be on Twitter #blogboost

Twitter is such a powerful tool! I’ve used it to connect and reach out, to learn about trends and issues, to amplify messages from people who are putting out great content, to build my network, to ask for advice and favors, to support people I wanted to do favors to, to give advice, to publicize events and products, to get speaking gigs and book sales, and simply to chat up with friends.

It’s possible my new follower is getting tons of value by lurking on over 900 Twitter feeds. But even if this person can’t think of anything to say, it would be only a couple of clicks to retweet messages that were especially compelling. Not to do so is leaving most of Twitter’s value on the table. In Twitter as in life, you gain much more value when you give as well as get.

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Dilbert's Scott Adams Builds a Green Home #blogboost

If you think we in the Green movement tend to take ourselves waaaay too seriously, here’s a bit of comic relief. Dilbert creator Scott Adams describes with excruciating humor all the missteps in building a Green home. I can relate.

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If I Could Always be So Productive…#blogboost

Heck, I’d settle for two days a week as productive as today. I’d be soooo grateful–and so accomplished! Wrote a long blog on public transit, an article about Green marketing, a much-improved of the query letter I hope will launch

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Why Set Up Public Transit to Fail? #blogboost

I’m a lifelong fan and USER of public transportation. Growing up in New York City, I was eight years old when I switched from the school bus to the public bus—and that was with a transfer. I’ll often take buses instead of driving to Boston or New York (and I’ve actually booked Amtrak for my next trip to Washington). When I travel out of my area, I rarely rent a car unless the destination city is the start of an extended driving trip. If I’m just staying locally, I use buses, trams and subways (and the occasional taxi.

There’s a local bus that runs past my house. But even though I’m a public transit guy, I’ve lived here 12 years and have never taken it. Why?

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