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Crucial Lessons from the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster

All deep-sea offshore drilling needs to be shut down until the appropriate safety measures are in place so that Deepwater Horizon is not repeated. It’s a lot harder to put the genie back in the bottle than to keep it in to begin with.

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Temporarily Able-Bodied (BloggersUnite: Empowering People With Disabilities)

This post is part of today’s worldwide BloggersUnite event, Empowering People With Disabilities. As my Boomer generation ages, and as our parents move well into the elder category, I reflect often on something I learned as a young organizer with

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Why Do I Think this WON’T Go Viral?

Yankee Candle’s world headquarters is a few miles up the road from me. Today’s paper had a short article about recruiting people to dance in one of their commercials, to be filmed in the flagship store, in an attempt to

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US Senate Priorities are All Wrong

The Senate can’t pass a jobs bill or a carbon cap bill, but had no trouble finding $60 billion for war. All I can say to the Senate is, shame on you people! You’ve got your priorities all wrong. And

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One Small Victory Against Ulgtraright Hatemongering

Right-wing bloviators spewing bile and calling it “news” have been a fixture on the political scene for quite a few years now. And they’ve had influence far beyond the numbers of “true believers.” While it’s hard to understand why anyone

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A Chance to Confront Racism

“I’ve been beating myself up for not challenging your racism when you expressed it. So today, I’m going to stop beating myself up and tell you that I didn’t appreciate your put downs of those who look different from you, and I’ll not have you cut my hair again.” Then stand still and listen for dialogue. It may be quite vitriolic, but you may be able to go deeper. And you owe him that much.

You do this, not for his soul, but for yours. But there may be a side benefit of reaching his, too (maybe not right away).

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Guest Post: Upsides of Being Ethical: Why Good Guys and Girls Don’t Always Finish Last

By Alexis Bonari [Editor’s note: Yes, this is fairly elementary—but it’s nice to be reminded of the basics once in a while. If this topic interests you and you want more depth, I recommend Stephen M.R. Covey’s Speed of Trust

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Wall Street Reform + Oil Cap + Gay Marriage

Rarely do I open up my morning paper and see even one positive story among the day’s major news. Today—though I already knew about two of them from other sources—there were three: 1. The Wall Street Reform Bill has passed

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Sign This Petition to End Bailouts, Fight Washington Corruption

I just did, and I hope you will too. And while “you’re in the zone,” If you haven’t yet signed the Business Ethics Pledge, you may do so at

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Banana Imperialism: A Company Town in Costa Rica

Most of our trip around Costa Rica has involved protected wilderness areas, and we’ve seen what bananas look like in nature; they grow a few here and there amidst the astounding biodiversity of the rainforest. Thousands of trees in orderly rows would not be found in nature.

A nearby organic farmer told us that this kind of monoculture requires enormous amounts of pesticides and herbicides. Not so good for the planet in this country that prides itself on its eco-consciousness.

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