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Why I Read People I Disagree With

Ryan, while you and I are poles apart politically (I think Obama has sold out to the conservatives), and while I do consider myself a person of faith, I don’t happen to be a Christian, or particularly religious. But for me, those are not reasons to unsub. You always keep a civil tone, and I think core disagreements force me to rethink my positions, justify them to myself, and sometimes find them wanting and shift.

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Goldman Sachs' Fool's Gold

And yet, this whole coterie of Goldman Sachs executives went on and on about their lack of regret (never mind remorse). It’ll be a long time before I trust them to give ME any investment advice!

One thing I don’t see anyone else picking up on is the possible implication of Former Goldman CEO/former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. Here’s an excerpt from the link above (it goes backward, from bottom to top):

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Business Failures Anonymous

My I-friend Kevin Lovelady is going after a market that few would dare to pursue: people who’ve failed in business. Kevin, who has been a strong and consistent supporter of my Business Ethics Pledge campaign, feels that people who experience

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Social Media: A Tool for Social Change

The convergence of social media and progressive causes is very exciting to me; I see enormous potential to leverage social media for social change. Even as far back as 2000, I used social media as an essential building block of

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Hospital Visitation Directive: Finally, a Reason to Thank Obama

Finally, a decades-overdue move to allow hospitalized patients to choose who should be allowed in to see them! President Obama issued a presidential directive Thursday night making federal funding contingent on nondiscrimination in visitation, and providing much greater respect for

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Cool Resource:100 Essential Cheat Sheets for Doing Business Abroad

A compilation of tipsheets covering international etiquette, toasting customs, appropriate dress, and more. Compiled from sources ranging from USA Today to  

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Why the Supreme Court Needs Balance

The nomination of Robert Bork was rejected because he was so much a creature of the Radical Right. Yet, the Bush presidencies have left us with four justices who are equally far to the right and totally out of step with mainstream American thought.

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A 2-1/2 Year-Old Encounters the iPad

I was in my 20s the first time I ever saw a personal computer, and 27 before I had one of my own. That was three years before my older child was born. My kids grew up with computers. Now

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