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If Obama's Supposed to be a Liberal…What's a Conservative?

President Obama, do NOT take our votes for granted. I wrote months ago that we would “have your” back if you pushed for the progressive agenda, the change you promised to bring. By the same token, we will desert you if you continue to desert us.

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The Teabagger Anti-Socialist Purity Pledge

I’ve long wondered why the people who so strenuously object to socialized medicine have no problem with other socialized services, such as police and fire protection (on the government monopoly model) and education (the “public option”/private competition model). This bit

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Manipulative Biofuel-Industry "Survey" Guaranteed to Create Biased Results

I am totally sure this so-called survey will be used to trumpet the citizens of Massachusetts’ supposed stance in favor of biofuels and against the proposed law. While the law’s definitions could be sharpened, I actually feel that eliminating nuclear power and large-scale wood-burning biomass plants from being counted in the progress toward a Green economy is a GOOD thing.

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Today is World Water Day

I just found out today is World Water Day, which you can read about at Water is something far too many of us take for granted, but I believe it will be one of the most important resource issues

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The Movement is Growing Amazingly

Judging by my life this week, the environmental movement is on a growth path: Today, I leave for New York City, where I’ll be speaking tomorrow at the Go Green Expo—I’m speaking at 12:30 and then signing copies of my

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An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Glen Beck has always represented a weird and radical extremism, but I never expected that even he would go so far as to diss Jesus’ own legacy, calling for congregants to leave churches that talk about social justice. Here’s the

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Obama is Timid, But Not Progressive

From a marketing and PR point of view, Obama could have taken a leaf from Franklin Roosevelt’s book: When Roosevelt couldn’t get things through Congress, he turned to the people; he appealed directly to voters. He used Republican intransigence to build up pressure, and then at election time, was able to replace some of the obstacles. For the last year, Obama has totally blown the opportunity to blame the mess both on the past administration and on the unwillingness of Republicans to let him through to make the change he promised during the campaign. If he had used different strategy, 2010 should have seen a sweeping housecleaning in the House and Senate and a vast Democratic majority in place for the next two years. Instead, I think Obama’s cushion will be a lot thinner, and he’ll have even less room to work. The result will be a one-term presidency with meager accomplishments, and probably another round of Republican aggression.

The last Democrat who was willing to use some muscle to move his agenda forward (an agenda that was not at all popular in large sections of the country) was Lyndon Johnson. From his grave, LBJ must be wondering why Obama is afraid to lead.

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Come Meet Me at the Go Green Expo in New York

I’m speaking in NYC Friday 3/19 at GoGreenExpo’s Business Day. Business buyers get in free on Friday. If you’d like to attend Saturday and/or Sunday, here’s a discount code (gets you into the Architecture Fair also): visit and use

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