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Great Ad…Missed Opportunity to Increase Effectiveness

In the Great Advertising Debate, branding vs. direct response, I’ve always come down on the side of direct response. Every marketing message (not just ads) should have a call to action, a way of moving the reader/viewer/listener forward. With the

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People's Victory: VT Senate Says NO to VT Yankee

All the way back to the 1970s when it was new, Vermont Yankee was named “one of the 10 worst nukes in the country” in No Nukes, by Anna Gyorgy et al (South End Press, p. 106)—a book that I used heavily in researching my own 1980 book on nuclear power and still consider the definitive work on the subject. According to Gyorgy, Vermont Yankee reported 39 “abnormal occurrences” in 1973 alone, and was shut down 17 times during a 19-month period.

Vermont Yankee was only a year old when it had those 39 incidents. Consider this: Nuclear plants do not age gracefully.

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Even More Questions About the Google Book Settlement

I don’t think I’ve blogged about it before, but I’ve had serious concerns for years about Google’s placement of access to content far above creators’ rights and copyright, have followed the Authors Guild/National Writers Union court case and settlement, and

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Media is Complicit in Accepting Tiger Woods' Scripted, Unquestioned Apology

My friend Peter Shankman solicited comments from PR practitioners about Tiger Woods’ apology scheduled for later today, and the fact that reporters will not have access to him during the event; they’ll actually be in another building. This drew lots

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Obama's Nuclear Plant Pre-Bailout: His Dumbest Move Yet?

Nuclear power is not necessary. It is not sensible. It opens great risks for small returns that can be much more easily achieved in other ways. It is a gift to the terrorists, a robbery from the taxpayers, a diversion of resources away from better and far more proven technologies that could meet all of our energy needs safely, and a serious threat to the well-being of future generations.

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Writing For Young Children About Complex Social Issues: A Diversity Author Shares Her Perspective

Guest post by By Melissa M Williams, Author of Iggy the Iguana Have you ever been afraid to start something new because you didn’t know what to expect? Maybe everyone will be different than you? Doing something new and out

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Can A Journalist Whose Child is a Soldier be Objective About THAT War?

Very interesting post from Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), raising the question about whether a journalist with a son in the Israeli army can be neutral and objective in covering the war where his son is a soldier. Rather

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And Now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Speaking in Switzerland at a conference dominated by Russians was fun and interesting. I’m likely to share some insights down the road. I was one of only three Americans on the program. Internet access was very limited during that week,

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A Fun Book About Marketing…A Great Strategy for Product Launch

I read a lot of business books, and too many of them are so dry you could use them for sawdust. Last year, I happened to meet Kevin Daum at a dinner party Sam Horn threw in Washington, DC (where

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If You Don't Tell Them, How Will They Know You're Doing the Right Thing?

Tonight I was reviewing the PowerPoint for the talk on Green Marketing I’m giving next week in Davos, Switzerland. And I was struck yet again by the big case study in my talk: a company that has been producing products

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