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TSA Subpoenaed My Friend For Telling the Truth

My online friend Christopher Elliott of

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Stand Against Injustice! Join These Two Facebook Groups

1. Have you heard about the barbaric, fascistic anti-homosexuality law in Uganda? Yes, they’re calling for the death penalty for consensual sex. Read CNN’s article. Here’s the group to oppose it, please join. 2. Especially if you’re in Western Mass,

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Poetry as an Organizing Tool? Oh , Yeah!

For the last 28 years, I’ve lived in or just outside Northampton, Massachusetts. About ten years ago, Northampton established the position of City Poet Laureate, with a two-year term. Until two years ago, the post was mostly ceremonial. The official

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How Many Contacts Do You Need to Make a Sale?

In a cutely titled post called “Six Degrees of Customer Separation,” my cyberfriend Sean D’Souza opined that it’s going to take six contacts before his prospects become customers. And that he actually doesn’t expect (or even particularly desire) a sale

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Olbermann on the healthcare travesty

Spend 12 minutes listening to the best commentary I’ve heard on the healthcare mess, from MS-NBC’s Keith Olbermann. He is the only other person I’ve heard advocating my viewpoint: that since compromise isn’t working anyway, since the right-wing nutters will

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This is What Gives Marketing a Bad Name

This is an approximate verbatim transcript of the phone call I just ended. Me: “Hello, this is Shel, how may I make your day special?” Her: “I’m from and I wanted to let you know that our sales manager will

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Advice to New Entreprenurs

My friend Denise O’Berry is running a contest for the best advice to new entrepreneurs. I don’t have much use for the prize (a year of blog hosting at Network Solutions–I’m happy hosting my own blog), but it felt like

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The Dawn of Eco-Chic?

I love the concept of that you can be super-Green and also super-fashionable. The site name, of course, is taken from stiletto heels. I will not win any prizes from the fashionistas myself (and it’s really ironic that I’m

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A Chanukah Tradition at Our Farmhouse

It started our first Chanukah in our “new” home–the 1743 Colonial farmhouse we bought in 1998. For the first chunk of my kids’ lives, we lived close to the center of town, a dense and fairly urban residential neighborhood. Then

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Should Ethics Be Based in Philosophy…Or Practice?

I wanted to share my response in a LinkedIn discussion around ethics (I don’t know if that link will work if you’re not a member of the group). It started when someone asked participants to list a few ethics books

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