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Are Kids Really More Prone to Lie than Previously

Here’s a depressing article that says today’s teens think they have to lie and cheat their way to success. Sorry—I’m not buying it! Call me naive, but I’m the parent of both a teenage boy and a bit-past-teenaged girl. Among

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Ben Franklin: Genius and Contradictions

While visiting Minneapolis, I took in the opening day of the new Ben Franklin exhibit at the Minnesota History Center in downtown Saint Paul. I’ve long ben a Franklin fan. To me, his far-reaching curiosity, big-picture viewpoint, multiple interests, creativity,

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Obama, International Communication, and the Need to Organize

This is not about politics; it’s about communication style, using a politician as an example. My wife teaches business communication (with a heavy focus on international dos and don’ts), and she and I both give Barack Obama high marks for

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Palin's Book Trashes Alaska Republican Former Ally: "The Falafel Lady"

Is it possible for Sarah Palin to get any more distasteful? Here’s another example of her viper-like turning on old allies when they cross her, as Geoffrey Dunn writes in Huffington Post: But perhaps the nastiest and most duplicitous passages

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FAIR: Interlocking Directorates Could Influence Media Reportage on Healthcare

In all, though healthcare reform has been mentioned thousands of times in the output of these media corporations’ major outlets, single-payer was mentioned in only 164 articles

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World Wildlife Fund Teleseminar on Climate Change/Corporate Partnerships

I received the following letter to the editor about the good work 22 corporations are doing, partnering with WWF on climate change and offering a teleseminar November 18. I haven’t checked into it other than to visit the link. Not

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A New Low in Anti-Obama/Anti-Muslim Propaganda?

Last night I saw a video that shocked me: A spliced-together out-of-context montage from Barack Obama’s speeches and media appearances to create the illusion that he is a radical Muslim extremist (and disparaging Islam generally in terms that would be

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Breaking: No Vote to be Taken on Medicare-for-All

This just in: Proponents of single-payer health care, a/k/a Medicare for All–the system used by almost every developed country in the world–will not get our promised floor vote after all. If I were in Congress right now, I’d vote no.

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Social Responsibility: A Global Virtual Summit–Q&A with John Gerstner/Discount Offer

What motivated you to organize this conference? You could say this was an alignment of some stars that had been orbiting for quite awhile. First, social responsibility (or sustainability, corporate citizenship and green) is a topic I’m very interested in,

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