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With Social Media, I Can Cross Time Tunnels to the Distant Past

Thirty-one years ago, the housemate with whom I’d found an apartment moved out, and I invited a poet friend of mine to take his place. We shared that apartment for several months, until he, too, moved on, and another friend

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Negroponte/Quadir: How Laptops and Cell Phones Attack Systemic Poverty in Developing Countries

Horace Mann, founding President of Antioch College, famously said “Be ashamed to die until you have won one victory for humanity.” Neither Nicholas Negroponte nor Iqbal Quadir will ever have to worry about shaming themselves in front of Horace Mann’s

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Two Keys to Energy Sustainability Through Clean Renewable Energy

Great article, “100% Renewables by 2030 for Less Than Fossil Power: A Case is Made,” by Stacy Feldman on (a site new to me). Go read it, then come back here! Stacy is absolutely correct that we have the

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The Unethical Nature of Anti-Competitive Behavior

Guest post by Elizabeth Johnson I was very proud of the notebook computer I had purchased a year ago; in my mind, I felt I had secured a good deal and that it was value for money. The only flaw

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Earth to Marketers: Don't Act Like We're Stupid!

Respect your prospect’s intelligence! It’s one of the points I make repeatedly in Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First–and with good reason. To succeed in business, you need long-term relationships. And you don’t get them by insulting people. I

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Blog Action Day "one of largest social action events ever held on the web"

Organizers of Blog Action Day are pleased indeed, calling it “one of largest social action events ever held on the web.” 32,000 posts, including three world leaders: UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who got the very first UK post in

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Easy Steps to Ease Climate Change: Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day, and this year, the international day of action focuses on climate change. I could write about climate change for days, but I’ll keep it simple. Here are some quick, easy, painless things you can do

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Robots Gone Amok? In Real Life

I always start my day looking at the queries from reporters looking for story sources on HARO (Help A Reporter Out). This morning, in addition to the three that I answered, I spotted this intrigung one: Looking for people who

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Twitter: More on Why I Often Don't Follow Back

If you enjoyed my Twitter follow policy, here’s some insight as to how it works in real life. When I receive a bunch of Twitter follow notices, I first scan them for any people I actually know. Of the remainder,

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OMG! Barack Obama, Fighting Two Wars, Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Woke up this morning to the startling news that US President Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Price–and a perceptive entry on Huffington Post wondering why. After all, he has initiated a slow and limited timetable for withdrawing

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