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Renewable Isn't Always Sustainable

Remember that old bumper sticker, “Trees are America’s Renewable Resource”? It’s true. You can regenerate a harvestable forest in 20 years or so: a nanosecond compared to the millions of years necessary to create fossil fuels. However, and it’s a

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Seven Keys to Get Me to Follow You on Twitter and Other Twitter Etiquette Tips

Inspired by a Tweet from Susan Harrow, I’ve decided to post my Twitter policy every once in a while. Some of this may sound harsh. Please keep in mind that as a somewhat public figure, I am absolutely bombarded with

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George Kao's Social Media Secrets: Notes From the Call

Yesterday, I co-hosted a teaching call with the amazing George Kao, a social media trainer who specializes in highly productive techniques for using social media (and who is socially conscious, too. George gave me permission to share his very informative

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Your Comment? Porritt: CSR Won't Save Amoral Businesses

Fascinating interview with Jonathan Porritt, long-time environmental activist and outgoing environmental advisor to UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown. I find this statement particularly worthy of discussion, and would love to hear what y’all think on this: Still, he says there

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George Kao on Social Media, 15 Minutes/Day: Join Me Tuesday 5 pm ET/2 pm PT

I learn so much from listening to George that I not only sat in on *three* of his calls in the last two months, but also made a point of seeking him out for a dinner meeting when I was in San Francisco.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be co-hosting this call (with my friend Allison Nazarian). If you only pick one teleclass to attend in the next few months, make it this one.

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Physicians: 45,000 Americans Die Each Year for Lack of Health Insurance

The Harvard-based researchers found that uninsured, working-age Americans have a 40 percent higher risk of death than their privately insured counterparts, up from a 25 percent excess death rate found in 1993.

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Shel's Partnership Advice on yBC TV

Just a quote, not me talking. Still, it’s nice to get recognized by this up-and-coming new business TV channel.

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Bushonomics a Disaster for Poor, Middle Class

Not only did George W. Bush preside over the largest destruction of wealth in history, he also left the poor and middle class reeling, even before the Wall Street collapse. So says a new Census Bureau report that shows, according

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YouTube and Our Perception of Cross-Species Friendship: WIll It Change Society?

Here’s an odd thought: Could viral videos actually change the culture? What are the implications, long-term, for our culture in the widespread visibility of cross-species animal friendship, animals figuring out difficulties and solving a way around them, animals responding to

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Off to New Haven to Speak on Enviro-Marketing

If you don’t count my toddler rebellion against smoking at about age three, I’ve been an environmental activist for 37 years. And yet the Green Work conference tomorrow in New Haven is only the second actual environmental conference I can

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