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John Reese & Tony Robbins Analyze Reese's First Million-Dollar Day

Normally, I stay far away from all the get-rich-quick stuff. But I remember when copywriter John Reese became the first Internet marketer to (at least publicly) break the million-dollar-in-one-day barrier. In fact, I remember thinking at the time, oh, for

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Mashable: Whole Foods Boycott Impacts Brand's Reputation

Does this mean that CEOs shouldn’t be vocal in expressing their opinions on issues of the day?

Not at all. To me, it indicates that CEOs should choose businesses where their key demographic is in alignment with their values.

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What Would Alinsky Do? Obama Should Tell the GOP: You Won't Negotiate? I'll Up the Ante

Since the Republicans have taken a few pages from the Saul Alinsky organizing playbook—Alinsky was the legendary Chicago community organizer who influenced Obama, known for such tactics as a fart-in—maybe it’s time for Barack Obama to ask himself “What would

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Shel Horowitz Discusses Success with Business Ethics

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Do These People Even Read Their Own Copy?

Latest idiocy in my inbox: Avoid the PR Spam Blacklist Last week a well-regarded blogger published and blacklisted the names of individual PR firms and publicists who have sent “unsolicited (and almost always irrelevant) product pitches.” While we know that you do

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First Annual Report Spotlights Wiley's Sustainability Commitment

Since John Wiley & Sons is publishing my next book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson), I was very pleased this morning to discover a press release about

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Save the Mountain's Tenth Reunion

One of the two most successful environmental activist groups I’ve ever been involved with is the group I founded ten years ago in Hadley, Massachusetts: Save the Mountain. We were formed specifically for one purpose: to stop a super-destructive proposed

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Corruption Roundup: Many 'Stories, One URL

Exactly how did Bernie Madoff steal his billions? Why are Halliburton’s hands so dirty? What happened with corruption cases in the rebuilding of Iraq? Following a link from EthicsWorld’s e-newsletter, I came to a single URL that has multiple stories

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My Own Garden and Local Farms' Tomato Crop: Casualties of the Global Economy

Who knew? The tomato blight that’s been ravaging organic farms and gardens in my area of Western Massachusetts has been traced to starter plants apparently grown originally at one location in the South, and shipped to some of the big-box

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An easy way to promote your store/office–with the power of water

OK, so everyone knows by now, bottled water is uncool if you live in a place where the water is fit to drink (and that includes most of the U.S., Canada, and Europe, as well as many other parts of

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