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Is Sponored Tweeting/Blogging Ethical? Your Opinion, Please

I just answered a reporter query about sponsored blogs and sponsored tweets–specifically whether they should be disclosed. And that led me to meditate on the question of whether it is ethical to ghostwrite tweets and blogs for other people. I

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Networking can Happen ANYWHERE

Proving yet again that you can network pretty much anywhere…I was listening to a teleclass and 37 minutes into the call, the presenter fell off. He didn’t come back on, but someone else asked if anyone was there, and I

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Even Pet Hair Can be a Resource

I’m always looking for ways to keep stuff out of the trash, and I’ve been saying for years that we ought to collect and recycle the prodigious offerings of fur that our dog and cat leave around the house–that someone

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Today's Spammer Chutzpah Award

Actual submission from my contact form today: subject = Resume Services realname = REMOVED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY position = Company = SEO Company Add1Street = 224 Lawrence Road Add2City = New York Add2State = New York Add2Zip = 11111

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WIll Water be the Oil of the 21st Century?

if you’re like most Americans, when you brush your teeth, you turn the water on (often full-force) and let it run for three minutes or so while you brush. When I brush my teeth, I do it like this:

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Facebook is Not Just for Kids Anymore

By Angelique Rewers Site sees 513% growth in 55+ user bracket Number of college and high school users drops 20% Using Facebook to reach your target audience? If so, be aware that the popular social media site’s demographics are changing

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Karma Bucks–Waaay Cool!

Readers of my various books will know I’m a fan of alternative locally-based currencies. Here’s a twist: A shopping center in Reno is sending street teams out all over Reno to spot acts of kindness, and reward them with “Karma

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If Chris Brogan Can Do It, So Can I

One of the fun things about social media marketing is that you rub shoulders with other social media marketers, and there a bunch of smart folks with lots of good ideas. I’m always in learning mode, and a lot of

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Google: Plusses and Minuses/Compare with Bing/Privacy Issues

Perry Marshall has a really good article about online privacy concerns, the Google experience yay and nay, and Google’s first real competitor in general search–Bing. It’s getting a lot of comments, including this one from me. I discuss not only

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Pope Benedict XVI Addresses Financial Meltdown, Environmental Issues, and Poverty

Pope Benedict XVI’s third encyclical is a sweeping, 144-page document addressing and interlocking a wide range of social issues. He calls on the financial industry to tame its greed and turn to ethics, asks the United Nations and individual governments

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