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Amory Lovins: How to Solve the Energy Crisis

A lot of this is stuff that is feasible to do RIGHT NOW. We could save 3/4 of US electricity for 1 cent per kilowatt, and building new power plants can’t touch that cost. He has 1000 ways to do it.

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Bernard Madoff Sentenced to 150 Years

Breaking news: Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for his $50 billion fraud/Ponzi scheme. Proving, yet again, that crime really doesn’t pay. He may have lived high on the hog, but he’ll spend the rest of his

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#FreeIran Campaign Turns to the Blogosphere

Like many others, I am appalled both by the apparently stolen election in Iran and by the repressive, violent response of the government to the mass protests. And like many bloggers today who want to be cheerleaders for democracy and

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Study: Ethics Matters A LOT to Employees

I love it that just about every scientific study ever conducted validates the opinions I’ve been expressing (without research stats to back me up) for years. Here’s a fabulous study from Australia on whether ethics matters to employees. Conclusion: ethics

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Ecopsychology Stats, With Marketing Implications

Scott Cooney writes on Triple Pundit about ecopsychology…the correlation between sustainable lifestyle choices and happiness (which seem to focus, in this particular article, on how much happier Germans are than Americans, even though Americans earn and consume so much more.

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Reclaiming Family Values as a Progressive Issue on Father's Day

And to me, that means seeing the family as inclusive. I am not concerned about whether a family has two parents, whether it has different genders or where/how/if that family chooses to worship–and much more concerned that a family be a place of peace, love, support, and very deep connection.

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Nuclear Power is STILL Shortsighted and Stupid

To those who say nonpolluting renewables are just as if not more expensive… 1. Take a look at the work of people like Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, who demonstrates over and over again that when you take a whole-systems approach to locally-grown solar and wind power, economies show up that conventional design and engineering miss completely–like the ability to eliminate a furnace. 2. Count the true costs of nuclear, without all the subsidies and hiding costs by moving them into other budget streams, and the picture is different.

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Worst Bit of Corporate Gobbledygook of the Day

From a Starbucks press release–the second sentence in the first paragraph, and within the quote, I’ve linked to the full press release: With the goal of prioritization and agreement on criteria for a comprehensive recyclable cup solution, discussions will address

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What Do Cause Marketing and Health Reform Have in Common?

Answer: I just read provocative articles on BNET on these two topics. First, Stacy Blackman, while supporting cause marketing, notes that these products are often more expensive, because the company has to cover the cost of the donation. However, I

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How to Run a Super-Successful Social Media-Based Product Launch

Of course,there are a hundred ways to run a great social media campaign–but when I received this e-mail, I thought it was such a good blueprint for running a social media campaign that I’d like to share it with all

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