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The Democratized Encyclopedia: Social Networks

When a lot of people think of crowd-sourcing–harnessing the network of common wisdom–they probably think first of Wikipedia, which is written by its users. But Wikipedia, and Wikis in general, are only the most visible piece of an amazing phenomenon

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How Should You Respond When Social Media Trashes You?

certainly precedent for stories leaping out of niche social media into the mainstream, with major consequences. Just ask Dan Rather about the fake memo about Bush’s military service that cost several key staffers their jobs and forced Rather into premature retirement. I have been a deep critic of Bush (and a fan of Rather), but when I saw the memo reproduced online, I knew there was no way it could be authentic. It was done on a modern word processor.

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Mari Smith: Be A Conscious Twitterer

Mari Smith is a brilliant young marketer who has absolutely seized the reins of Facebook and Twitter and become a social media rock star. We had a conversation a couple of years ago when I was keynoting a conference she

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Could Energy Retrofits be the Best Performing Investment?

If the improvements have even a 20-year lifespan, that $13.2 million investment would return $176 million, and that’s with stable energy prices. The number is much, much higher if you factor in average energy cost increases of 5 percent a year.

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PR and Journalism Lessons from Agriculture Chem Industry's PR Blunder

Unbelievably stupid quote from the agrochemical trade group Mid America Croplife Association, whose members include the likes of Monsanto, Dow, and other manufacturers of farm chemicals (oh, and can you spot the two grammar errors in those three sentences?): Did

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Review: The Zen of Social Media Marketing, by Shama Hyder

Reviewed by Shel Horowitz A very good basic introduction to the most important social network platforms–and some truly extraordinary content about how and why to use video to achieve massive conversion rates. A nice Q&A section answers several common beginner

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Rant: Why Copyright MUST Be Respected

Someone on a forum I belonged to posted a really great article. The only problem was, it looked like the poster hadn’t gotten permission. As entrepreneurs, we need to be careful to respect the intellectual property rights of other entrepreneurs,

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Are Local Papers the Future of Print Journalism?

Interesting piece in the Washington Spectator, noting that the Anniston (Alabama) Star seems to be doing reasonably well, even as big-city papers around the country move to Internet-only or shut their doors entirely. Even the Boston Globe is teetering. In

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