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Twitter's Power as Instant Research Tool

I’ve used Twitter to drive traffic to a survey, but this kind of direct and immediate feedback may be even better–because it’s much more human, not to mention faster. Who knew a year ago that Twitter could be used for market research?

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Iraq Reconstruction Fraud "Bigger Than Madoff"

We’ve known for quite a while that the reconstruction effort in Iraq is rife with incredible corruption. Under the Bush administration, there were basically no safeguards, and stories of money diverted into the pockets of US looters were legion. Still,

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In This Fortune 500 Strategy, Social Media Reigned Supreme

Four years FedEx took over the Kinko’s copy and office services company, the Kinko brand was dropped entirely in 2008; those services are now grouped under FedEx Office. When Marketing Sherpa interviewed FedEx’s Director of Global Brand Management, Gayle Christensen,

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Bloggers to Moyers: Progressive Views Too Disruptive to Air

Want to know why right-wing pundits far outnumber those on the left in mainstream US TV? Bloggers Jay Rosen and Glenn Greenwald shared a theory on Bill Moyers Journal: having someone like Amy Goodman of Democracy Now would interfere too

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Outsourcing Pollution, With No Thought for Ethics

Editor’s note: Holly McCarthy submitted this provocative guest post, and I’m running it in the hope of starting some dialogue. I share some of Holly’s concerns about outsourcing (particularly about using it to duck around environmental laws), but also believe

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Facebook Bows to Pressure, Reverts to Old TOS

Just yesterday, I blogged about the massive user outcry over Facebook’s new Terms of Use. Last night, CNet reported that the social networking giant had retreated. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged the controversy, saying, “we have decided to return to

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Is Facebook's New Terms of Use a Naked Rights Grab?

Facebook’s recently adopted Terms of Use are attracting harsh attention in the online world. Ownership; Proprietary Rights Except for User Content and Applications/Connect Sites, all materials, content and trademarks on the Facebook Service are the property of Facebook and/or its

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Mushrooms Can Save the World–Really!

Mycelium mushrooms reclaiming oil spills, sequestering carbon, fighting disease, hunger, and pests, more. One of the most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen. A must-view. He even makes a claim that the Internet is essentially humanized mushroom technology.

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Blackwater Changes its Name…to Xe

Blackwater, a company heavily tarnished with a reputation for corruption and violence, a company that has done a lot of the heavy lifting for the Bush administration in Iraq, a company that was defeated in its plan to turn a

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Rachel Maddow on Water, Infrastructure, Terrorism, & Obama

From December, so a few references to Obama’s Cabinet choices have shifted. Vital analysis, lightheartedly delivered out of her personal experience, looking not only at implications of squandering water, but also on our current system’s vulnerabilities, and how much it

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