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Sarah Palin: Analyzing McCain's Choice for VP

Things are certainly getting interesting! First the young Obama picks old-guard Joe Biden, with foreign policy experience and working-class appeal. And then just one day after Obama accepts the nomination, McCain taps Sarah Palin–with just two years experience as governor

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Obama's Speech: Style AND Substance

Barack Obama’s acceptance speech tonight showed me why he is electable–and actually got me excited enough to stay up late and blog about it. As rhetoric, it was superbly crafted: Attacking the Bush/McCain policies (and their tendency to attack those

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Random House: Are You Moral Enough to Write children's Lit?

Joan Druett, my New Zealand pirate historian friend, blogged about Random House UK’s contract clause regulating the morality of its children’s authors (It’s the second post on august 21. There’s also a very interesting post on August 23 about politicians

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Makepeace: Emotion + Rational = Sale

I’ve long been an advocate of writing marketing copy that uses both emotional and rational appeals. Here’s a specific example: my all-time favorite of the hundreds of press releases I’ve written. I did it back in 1999 when a client

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Congratulations, Rachel Maddow!

Some good news in the world of mainstream television. As noted in Huffington Post, MSNBC president Phil Griffin was quoted in the New York Times: Just in time for the closing rush of the presidential election, MSNBC is shaking up

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Will Tomorrow's Green MBAs Avoid Today's Criminal Behavior?

Found both of these links in the How Online blog–found the juxtaposition quite telling: First, an inspiring (and long-overdue) article on MarketWatch about how people are seeking MBAs not just to acquire personal wealth but to make a difference in

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Links from our Guatemala Trip

I did quite a bit of writing about our Guatemala trip, and have gathered the links all together here. The first three are classic travel writing, then three with a specific focus on environmental and social change–including our encounter with

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Master Salesman at Work

I found this link on Guy Kawasaki’s blog: a fellow named Mitchell Weisburgh describes how he had absolutely no intention of buying, yet is now the owner of a handmade Turkish wool rug as the result of a casual encounter

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Zen and the Art of "It's All Good"

Business lessons in adversity. Yesterday was a day that should have driven me up the wall: I watched every photo I had taken from the fall of 2005 through the fall of 2007 permanently disappear in a computer failure, while

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In Conservative Utah…Newspaper Runs Same-Sex Marriage Announcement

We *have* made progress! A Utah newspaper, the Herald Journal, ran its first announcement of a same-sex marriage–and only four people canceled their subscriptions! The paper ran a very clear announcement of its rationale here. Bravo to the paper–and its

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