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Whatever Happened to "Uniter, Not a Divider"?

Remember when Bush Ran in 2000, saying he’d be “a uniter, not a divider”? Hint: it was well before he started saying anyone who isn’t with us is against us. Yet from Day One, this illegal administration has run the

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Colby: Protect Writers Against Theft-Through-"Orphan Works" Legislation

Call for Action: Fight the “Orphaning” of Writers’ Constitutional Right to Copyright Protection By guest blogger Jerry Colby, President, National Writers Union [Note from Shel: This was originally sent by Jerry as a letter to members of the NWU. I

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Strategic Alliances go Far Beyond JVs

One of my favorite marketers, the brilliant and unconventional Sean D’Souza in far-away Aukland, New Zealand, claims he built his entire Psychotactics business on strategic alliances. And I believe him. Strategic alliances are that powerful. Two world-class examples: Apple, IBM

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Ostriches of the Ultra-Right: Carbon Belch Day

Talk about head-in-the-sand behavior! Apparently June 12 was Carbon Belch Day: Proud of their antisocial behavior, these ninnies wanted to be as environmentally destructive as possible that day, asking people to oppose U.S. participation in the Kyoto treaty or any

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Well-Fed Peter Bowerman on Self-Publishing

Interview with Peter Bowerman, author of The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living (Fanove Publishing; 2007) What’s the most important lesson in your book? I’d have to say – and this is based on my

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A Zero-Carbon City? In the UAE?

Pretty cool! If it turns out to be true, anyhow. The world’s first zero-net-energy city is being planned for (of all places) the United Arab Emirates, just outside Abu Dhabi. Solar power, in the form of photovoltaic panels, concentrated solar

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Republicans' Head-In-Sand Energy Posturing

The U.S. Senate did two idiotic things regarding energy policy yesterday. In both cases, Democrats were unable to get the 60 votes needed to stop a Republican filibuster. First, they voted against a windfall oil profit tax that would fund

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Bravo! Kucinich Moves to Impeach Bush

I’ve been calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for five or six years now. OK, so I’m not a Democratic Party bigwig, and they don’t have to listen to me. But Ramsey Clark was Attorney

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Water is Complicated

Water is complicated. I recently wrote an article in my Monthly Frugal Fun Tips about why most people drinking bottled water should be switching away. Of course, there are situations when you need bottled water–such as if your water happens

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Obama Clinches With Class; Pit Bull Hillary Won't Let Go

Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s speeches yesterday demonstrate exactly what went right with this campaign. The longer the seemingly endless quest for the nomination went on, the happier I was with my decision in March to endorse Obama. While I

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