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Airplane Food Policy and Packaging Idiocy

Blog: Absurdist Packaging I’m writing this aboard a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to L.A. Literally moments before beginning boarding, they announced that the supposedly included meal wasn’t free in the coach section. Hmmm–why didn’t they tell me this three

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Casuaties in Iraq: Bush's Murderous Lgacy

Journalist/activist Jim Hightower (once upon a time, the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture) estimates that in the Iraq war, in addition to the more than 4037 US troops and 1200 American private-firm employees (Blackwater, Halliburton, etc.) killed, a shocking 1,033,239 Iraqi

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Why I Keep Coming to Book Expo America

In a few minutes, I’m heading into downtown L.A. for my 12th Book Expo America. I’m remembering the first time I did the show in L.A. It was only my second BEA, and I struck up a conversation in a

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Who will Be Obama's Running Mate?

Who will be Obama’s Veep? The ideal candidate would be nationally known, white, female, from the South or West, progressive without alienating, and lacking the very heavy negative baggage of Hillary Clinton. Someone who’s been against the war from the

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Creamer: Long Primary Season Strengthens Obama

In Huffington Post, Robert Creamer claims the long, grueling primary will make a very strong Obama for November: battle-tested, Swift-boater attacks already launched and deflected, campaign organization in every state and their organizers understanding what it takes, and so forth.

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FOE: "Fix or Ditch' Pro-Nuke Climate Change Bill

Safe energy vs. nuclear energy is something I know about. When I was a college student in the mid 1970s, I did a school paper on whether nuclear energy was safe. Though I came in with a more-or-less open mind,

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Case Study: How to Do Advertising Right

With advertising that you pay for, even more than other types of marketing, you want to be effective. Yet I see so many businesses who clearly don’t have a clue; they spend a fortune putting a non-offer in front of

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Some Good News from Capitol Hill, for a Change

It’s about time! The House voted against war funding (because the Republicans, for their own reasons, sat out the vote)–and the Senate voted to block more media consolidation. Now, we’ve got to put enough pressure that these very positive actions

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Nastiest phishing scam I've seen in a while–beware!

Watch out for these snakes! Some people have no ethics at all. I got an email this morning that purported to be from the IRS. The subject was “2008 Economic Stimulus Refund. [Scanned]” And it started like this: Over 130

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An Action Creates Its Own Possibllity: Slavoj Zizek

Fascinating and far-ranging interview with European philosopher Slavoj Zizek on Democracy Now this morning. He covered war, energy, US presidential politics, and much more. But the statement that really got to me was: A true act creates the conditions of

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