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Flow Testing: An Alternative to the Alternative?

I recently purchased a copy of Paul Hancox’s ebook, “Secrets of a 10% Conversion Rate” from copywriting superstar Michel Fortin. You probably already know that most direct mail and PPC convert at somewhere between zero and five percent, so getting

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Gladwell: Defining the Ethics Lines in Journalism, Book Writing & Speaking

Just stumbled across a fascinating article by Malcolm Gladwell, the brilliant and bestselling author of The Tipping Point and Blink, on the ethical issues he faces as a journalist who also writes books and also gives speeches. Among other things,

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PalastUS/Can/Mex Open Gateway to Dumping Low-Q Chinese Goods

Greg Palast’s latest column discusses a secret summit among the Presidents of the US and Mexico and Canada’s Prime Minister along with heads of major corporations to further push the NAFTA trade agenda. Here’s the part I find really disturbing-=both

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Corporate Spies, Good Advice Not Taken, A New Word–PR Roundup

Miscellaneous items in the news of late: 1] The Weekly Spin, an always-provocative newsletter from PR Watch/Center for Media and Democracy, reports that corporados and their hired PR guns have stepped up campaigns against citizen activists. Not only are they

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Yikes! Drug Co. Wrote Its Own "Independent Doctor Reports"

If you see my pulse racing and my heart pounding, it’s not because I ran up a mountain.. It’s not because I took medication and this was a side effect. It’s because the New York Times reports that drug companies

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Tibet: Is the Media Showing the Truth?

Here’s a website that shows falsely captioned photos as well as photos cropped in such a way as to completely change their meaning. The topic is the violence in Tibet–but according to this site, many of the pictures are actually

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Scandal Hits Travel Guidebook Industry

Those who travel frequently know that different guidebook brands cater to different tastes. If you want American-style hotels and restaurants and don’t mind paying well for them, pick up Fodor. If you don’t mind sweeping off the bugs before you

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McCain Lies, Misses Votes; Cheney, Rice Tied to Torture Policy

If McCain is an example of “straight talk,” I shudder to think of what the crooked guys look like. Here’s another lie and amplification of what it means. According to Cliff Schecter on AlterNet, McCain’s official calendar had him missing

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OK, Who's Got the Deceptive Ad Here?

Patrick Byers over at the Responsible Marketing blog has a post today comparing TV ads from the Indoor Tanning Association and the American Association of Dermatology. You can view the ads and vote for which you find more believable. Here’s

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Martin Luther King's Deeper Legacy

Great tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. in an Op-Ed by Taylor Branch in today’s New York Times. The article goes waaaaay beyond the standard establishment tributes, and even the progressive pieces that recognize the unity of his call to

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